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The Samsung Galaxy Note9 vs Galaxy Note8: Should You Upgrade?

By: 03/12/2018

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The Samsung Galaxy Note9 vs Galaxy Note8: Should You Upgrade?

Should you be upgrading to the Note9? Good question. Granted, these handsets are very similar in many areas, particularly when it comes to the handset design, but the Note9 does have some additional features that the Note8 does not which may give it the needed edge for those of you looking at upgrading. Take a look to see what we think.

Battery Size
The Note9 has a larger battery capacity than the Note8 which will considerably affect the battery life when you compare the performance of the two phones. If you are looking for a better performing battery that has around 21% more capacity than the Note8, then this may be a big reason for upgrading to the Note9.


The Note8 gave you the option for ample storage with the 256GB variant with the addition of a microSD card slot. However, Samsung have taken it even further with a jaw-dropping 512GB variant for the Note9 allowing for an incredible amount of room which would be more than ample for the average person. Maybe this will make your upgrade decision easier.


S Pen
The S Pen is unique to the Note series. It allows users to write and draw on their handset however Samsung have upped the S Pen experience for the Note9 allowing it to be used for far more than ever before. The S Pen can now be used wirelessly, letting you launch apps remotely, controlling the camera and PowerPoints all from the S Pen, without having your phone in hand. If you are someone who loves the S Pen feature then surely this is a selling point for you to make the jump to the Note9.


The camera is one of the more subtle changes that you will notice between the Note8 and the Note9. The Note9 camera will respond better in different lighting conditions when compared to images produced by the Note8 camera but the rest is mostly the same. The dual-lens features are the same as well as the 4K video support shooting 60fps.


Fingerprint Sensor
This could be a vital feature for many people thinking about upgrading, particularly if you are fed up of the smeared camera lens when trying to unlock your handset using the fingerprint sensor that on the Note8, it placed rather inconveniently by the camera lens. On the Note9, it is now located below the lens, for a more convenient user experience.


The look of the phone is almost identical; it’s pretty hard to spot the difference between the Note8 and Note9 design wise. The Note9’s metal frame has a slightly different finish when compared with the Note8 but nothing too noticeable. Other features remain the same including the IP68 rating for resistance against dust and water, as well as the charging speeds of the handsets being much the same and the Corning Gorilla Glass screen. The Note9 has a slightly larger screen than that of the Note8, coming in at 6.4 inches as oppose to the Note8’s 6.3 inch screen.


Again, the software on the two phones are very similar with nothing too noticeable to report on. Both run on the latest Android software.


To conclude, the changes between the two handsets are very minimal. The Note9 has better battery performance, the option for more storage, an improved S Pen and better placement of the fingerprint sensor but unless any of these features are a huge hindrance for you on the Note8, an early upgrade is probably not worth it. However, if you are due an upgrade, then it is definitely worth considering as you will benefit from an improved Note series experience, particularly if you are a lover of the Samsung Note series.

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