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Say hi to VOXI

VOXI is the mobile network built for endless possibilities. Stay in touch with friends, have fun and make things happen while enjoying great benefits and total flexibility. No tricks and no long-term commitments. We offer flexible monthly plans that you can change, pause or cancel any time you need to. You also get endless data on selected social apps, plus endless calls, texts and EU roaming as standard on every VOXI plan. And as we're part of Vodafone, you'll get the fast, reliable network you need at home and abroad.

Setting up your data couldn't be simpler

1. Order your SIM card below.

2. When you recieve your SIM, put it in your phone.

3. Connect to WiFi and text WEB to 40127 (free from your Voxi mobile).

4. You'll receive a text containing the internet settings – simply follow the instructions and save the settings to complete the setup

Already on a network? No problem, ditch your network without drama!

Get all of this:

No bill shock

No bill shock

Don't worry about any unexpected out of plan charges. You only pay for the cost of your plan plus any extras you choose.

High speed 5G network

High speed 5G network

We're powered by Vodafone, so you'll always get the fast, reliable network you need, at home and abroad.

No mobile contract

No mobile contract

Your plan will stay a simple monthly subscription that you can change, pause or cancel anytime – even while you're still paying off your phone.

Low cost international calls

Low cost international calls

We give you great international rates from just 1.5p per minute. Or choose our 100 International Minutes extra to call 100 countries from the UK.

Personal hotspot

Personal hotspot

Turn your VOXI mobile into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot to share your data with other devices.

Flexible phone payments

Flexible phone payments

Because you're not tied into a VOXI plan, you can pay off what's left on your phone anytime and get the newest upgrade instantly – without having to pay off a mobile contract too. You can also make additional payments to reduce the length of your term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Latest VOXI SIM-only Deals

Phone plans these days can be far too restrictive. Sign up with any major mobile carrier today and you’ll be forced to choose data limits, call limits, and then commit to a 12-month or even 24-month plan at a high fixed price. Nobody likes committing that long to a mobile phone plan, especially since our needs can change at a moment’s notice.

A lack of flexibility is a huge issue, but that’s why VOXI stands out.

What is VOXI?

VOXI is one of the fastest-growing phone networks in the country. Powered by Vodafone's high-speed 5G network, you’re getting fast speeds and reliable connectivity, but without all of the restrictions and limitations that typically come with phone plans. VOXI keeps things real simple so that you’re not shocked when it comes to paying your phone bills.

Rolling sim plans

You get unlimited calls and data for the month that you pay. If you choose to cancel, you won’t be charged for the next month. It’s that easy.

No mobile contract

No more 12-month and 24-month contracts. You have a monthly subscription that you can change whenever you want.

Cancel at any time

Not happy with the service you’re getting? Cancel any time with no strings attached.

No hotspot limitations

VOXI doesn’t try to restrict the way you use your data. Set up a personal Wi-Fi hotspot and share your data with as many devices as you want.

Flexible phone payments

Looking to upgrade your phone? VOXI lets you pay off the remainder on your phone plan so you can upgrade whenever you want–and you don’t even need a mobile contract to do this.

Low-cost international calls

VOXI also offers cheap international calls from 1.5p per minute. No more convoluted international call plans and extra fees.

Join VOXI today

Joining VOXI couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is get your hands on a VOXI sim and then get your PAC code. This is a unique code that your current provider will give you without needing to call them. Simply text PAC to 65075 and you’ll instantly receive your code.

When you sign up to VOXI, simply give this code and your phone plan will switch automatically within a few working days. It’s that easy.

Still not sure what you’re after yet? Our handy Advice & Inspiration page has all the answers you need. Find out more about upgrades, keeping an eye on what the little ones get up to with parental controls, and our own personal recommendations.