We all love our 4G smartphones, but with the arrival of 5G, things are set to get even better. So, if switching up to a next-gen 5G handset is something you’re planning to do… read on!


What are the main differences between 4G and 5G?

This side-by-side comparison of the features that matter most highlights just how next-gen 5G really is. However, as 5G is still being rolled out nationally, some networks may differ and there’s potential for 5G to get even better (we like the sound of that!).


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    If 4G and 5G were 2 runners on a track, 5G would’ve crossed the finish line and already be in the showers before 4G had left the starting block. Now, just think what that 5G speed would enable you to do… Download movies and games quicker, stream on the go in ultra-high resolution, upload files fast, and scroll social feeds and websites without the need for loading. So, whether you’re in a cafe or on a train, 5G could be like your new superpower for work stuff and for entertainment.

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    Less buffering

    Let’s face it, all of the above screen tasks can at times be a bit of a struggle with 4G. Watching movies and playing games without any interference doesn’t always happen. And those lag times in your streams can mess with your bingeing. So, maybe now is your chance to change all that, with a 5G upgrade?

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    Bigger capacity

    Folks, here’s the science bit – 5G works on a higher frequency than 4G, which allows more devices to connect to it, with less interference. The real-world benefit of all this is being able to get a reliable connection in crowded places, like busy restaurants, coffee shops, festivals, and stadiums. More capacity is also important because more people are connecting their devices to the internet, and using it for more demanding things, like streaming. Also, internet traffic keeps growing at about 60% a year, so online overload isn’t going to get better!

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    5G is bigger than just a mobile network

    Switching up to 5G could really change what’s possible. It has the speed and capacity that’s potentially so much bigger than just a network for our mobile phones. Plus, 5G’s been designed to connect to far more devices than just a phone – think smart watches and voice bot AI. 5G can plug you into the internet of things at home, in the office and while you’re on the move. It’s future-ready already, as you will be with 5G.


Does 5G use more data than 4G?

No. But be warned, because it’s so much faster and better than 4G for movies, games and much more, you’re likely to want to use it a lot!

Will we still use 4G?

When there’s no 5G coverage in an area, you’ll drop down to 4G and in some ‘not zones’ it might even be 3G you use. So yes, 4G will be around for a while to come.


In conclusion

5G is clearly superior to 4G by a wide margin. However, early 5G services don’t yet deliver the full potential of the technology, and complete UK coverage is likely years away. Operators are still investing to improve 4G’s reach, years after its first services became available. 5G is going to require a level of investment that could make rolling out 4G nationally seem like a bargain in comparison. So, there’s a long road ahead, but even now 5G is a big improvement on 4G where it’s available.



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