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Latest O2 Upgrade Deals

If you are looking for the latest and most popular phone models, along with a contract upgrade where you no longer need to worry about the number of minutes you use chatting with family or the number of texts you send to keep in contact with your friends, the O2 has you covered. 

This is because when you choose to upgrade to one of the many popular phone brands with O2 on a 24-month contract you’ll get both unlimited minutes and unlimited texts! On some plans, you’ll even be given unlimited data, so you’ll never need to worry about streaming that movie on the train or catching up on all your latest Snaps, and Insta stories. 

Oh, and if you have your own handset that you’d like to use, O2 has you covered too as they offer the same great packages on O2 only upgrade as well. 

Benefits of upgrading with O2? 

There is a whole range of benefits that you can access when you upgrade with O2 compared to other mobile phone contract providers. Check out each one below. 

O2 Priority 

By upgrading with O2 you’ll get entry to their Priority scheme. That means you can access all sorts of excellent perks from a free weekly coffee at Cafe Nero to cinema tickets, and even special VIP events and music events that you can’t access anywhere else. 

O2 Wifi 

15,000 plus O2 Wi-Fi hotspots are located all over the UK, which means you can use their data instead of your own personal supply when you are out and about. Find hot spots in places like McDonalds and Waitrose. 

My O2 App 

It couldn't be easier to manage your O2 account with the My O2 app that you can access directly on your phone. Set spending and other caps, so there are no nasty surprises come bill day. 

5G Connectivity

No one wants to be waiting around for things to load on their phone. With 5G connectivity, you won't have to. Stream HD and 4K videos with ease, and never worry about lags on music streaming services again. 

Free roaming 

Another benefit of choosing to upgrade with O2 is that you get free roaming in 75 locations. These locations include not only Europe but other popular destinations including America, Australia, and New Zealand! 

Disney Plus 

Want to catch up with the latest episode of Ahsoka, or put the X Files on while you do the housework? Then an O2 upgrade is perfect for you, as you can subscribe to Disney Plus for only £7.99 a month, and you’ll get £2 off your phone bill for doing so! 

What is the best deal O2 offers?