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Sim Only Mobile Phone Contracts

SIM-only deals are fantastic value for money. There's no need to tie yourself into a monthly phone contract, but you can still get all of the benefits of a great package from your chosen network. If you already have a great phone that you want to keep using or you're just not looking for a new one right now, a SIM only deal is the way to go. You get just the SIM card with your chosen data, minutes and texts and other great perks too. Take a look at our options and available networks to compare SIM only deals.

We have some of the best SIM only deals available, with top networks including Vodafone, Three and Smarty to choose from. Filter our deals by network, contract length, monthly cost and even which deals include 5G or cashback to find the perfect option for you. A choice of contract lengths means you can commit for however long you're comfortable with. Pick a rolling 1-month contract for complete flexibility or get some great savings by committing for longer, with a 12, 18 or 24-month contract. You can do it your way, selecting a SIM deal that works for your needs and your budget.

Power your streaming, social media, gaming and more with a bumper amount of data from some of our best deals. You can get up to 200GB of data or even go with an unlimited data deal to keep you going all month, every month. Unlimited texts and calls are standard too, so you can easily keep in touch with people in multiple ways. You can even get unlimited social media with Voxi if you're someone who just can't resist checking your notifications all the time.

Low credit check criteria are one of the best things about SIM card deals. It's easy to get a contract SIM when there's no device involved. Short contract lengths simplify things even further, so just about anyone can find a SIM only deal that matches their requirements. Just take a look at what you can get and pick either a rolling contract or a longer contract. And no device also means no upfront cost. You just start paying your monthly cost for an affordable way to get up and running with your new SIM contract.

Our SIM only deals start from under £10 per month, so there really is a price point for everyone. Some excellent perks come with a number of SIM contract deals too. With features like Personal Hotspot, you can use your SIM to connect other devices to your phone and get online. Hook up a laptop or tablet to make the most of your data. 

Compare SIM only deals now, or take a look at our guide to how you can switch your network with just a text. Still got questions? Look at our Advice & Inspiration page for more help.