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About Sony Mobile Phones

Sony Xperia have opened up a full world of entertainment straight from your phones. They take all their experience and technology from TVs and consoles and add that into a mobile phone, making it a smartphone that's built for fun and games. Sony Xperia have different phones at different price points depending on what you need. If you want all the latest and greatest tech, the Sony Xperia 1 II has been built to handle 5G speeds and give you an amazing gaming experience. Or, if you're just looking for something on the cheaper side of things, the Sony Xperia 4 may just be what you're looking for. When looking for the right phone, there's a few features you might want to consider. If you've always got your head stuck in the screen, you might want to look into the model's battery life. Or, if security is a big deal for you, see if it has a fingerprint scanner, or facial recognition. We've got the best selection of contract phone deals to take your pick from. If you're constantly on YouTube or streaming a boxset, you'll love our unlimited data offers, and you can even choose a plan with no upfront cost and just pay everything off monthly. Or, if a contract isn't for you, we also just sell the phone without any SIM.