The wait is over! The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is here and it’s raising the bar for phones. The new models are packed with everything you loved about the S22 range, with the addition of a powerful, new processor that makes it even better for seamless streaming and gaming. Combine this with the next-level camera that’s been causing quite a stir and it truly is a series that’ll knock your socks off.


What does the Samsung Galaxy S23 series look like?

With a super sleek look, the Galaxy S23 is as great on the outside as it is on the inside. The S23 Ultra has the same boxy design as it’s predecessor, while the other two models have slightly softer edges.

But the most exciting design change is that they’re made from recycled materials and come in earthy colours. You can pick from muted shades of phantom black, cream, lavender and green, each one as impressive as the last.

Wondering how the new screen is going to hold up while you binge TikTok and boxsets? Pretty darn good. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has kept the features we loved best; the size, resolution, and rapid 120Hz refresh rate, but has upgraded the brightness to a max of 1,750 nits, so those crazy cat videos and unmissable episodes will look all the more luminous – even on a sunny day.

Key features

Upgraded Camera

Just as we were all getting over the S22 Ultra’s 108MP camera, Samsung have gone and outdone themselves again with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s new 200MP rear camera – yes, you did read that right. It’s a whopping amount of megapixels, meaning you’ll have pro-grade pics with clarity and vibrancy like never before, even when you’re zooming in. What we’re basically saying is get ready to be everyone’s designated photo taker.

But it’s not just the number of pixels that the S23 range can brag about, it’s the tech that’s working alongside them as well, like Galaxy’s biggest ever sensor, video stabilisation technology, and exceptional Nightography. There’s even Astrophoto, helping you capture those starry constellations in all their glory – that’ll be one for your Instagram grid.

Even though the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus have the same 50MP sensor as last year, they’re packing tons of extra features to boost your pics. With four times the colour range than the S22 series, Detail Enhancer technology, plus expert RAW files, so you can see uncompromised detail. And they’ve got improved AI Nightography, making those late-night parties and gigs look as great as they feel.

Selfie Camera

‘What about selfies?’ We hear you, it’s not all about the rear camera after all. You’ll be snapping profile-pic worthy shots on a 12MP front camera with loads of upgrades in the tech as well. For instance, Samsung has added fast autofocus which will prove handy for squad selfies on a night out plus Super HDR means they’ll be bright and colourful, giving you snaps that’re as good as real life. As the ultimate flex, the front camera can even capture 4K video at 60 frames per second just in case you want to capture your mate’s moves on the dancefloor.


Improved Videography

Sometimes an action shot or an atmosphere just can’t be captured in a photo, and that’s where great video tech really shines. The S23’s take 4K portrait videos (aka cinematic video) at 60fps and uncropped 8K videos at 30fps in any of the S23 models. So, you’ll be able to relive seeing that band like you’re right there again or snap your friend’s footy skills in stunning detail. Just to make those films look pro-level, the main camera also has Optical Image Stabilization that helps reduce shaky videos. After all, nobody wants scenes that resemble The Blair Witch Project.


Better Performance

One of the main upgrades in the S23 series is the new processor which is quite literally game changing. Each model has the super powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, while the S23 Ultra has been optimised even more for gameplay that doesn’t drain the battery (cue late-night sessions). Combine this with the adaptive 120Hz refresh rate and your competition might as well quit while they’re ahead, they won’t be able to compete with your new-found edge.


Improved Battery Life

No point in having loads of great features if you’re scared they’ll drain your battery, right? Well Samsung is making sure you get the best of both worlds. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset comes the promise of better power efficiency than the S22’s processor, so your S23 will last longer on a single charge. No more waiting till you get home to binge-watch your favourite show, get stuck in on the train, or your dinner break, the world’s your oyster.

The S23 and S23 Plus have been given a battery boost too. That means the Galaxy S23 now has a 3,900 mAh battery, while the S23 Plus is packing a 4,700 mAh one. The S23 Ultra is still boasting the same brilliant 5,000 mAh power pack that its predecessor had. More streaming, more gaming, more fun.


Thinking about getting your hands on one these brilliant phones? We don’t blame you. Find out more about the S23 series here

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