Just bought an iPhone? These 4 handy tips and tricks will not only help you get the most out of it, but they’ll also make everything easier.


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    Schedule notifications

    So, you’re at work, you’re busy, and you want to crack on without distractions. But you’re so darned popular, you keep hearing pings! Thankfully, your fab new iPhone will let you reschedule them, to come in at a time of your choosing. To enable it, head to Settings, click Notifications, then Scheduled Notifications. It’ll then let you pick out the app notifications you want to ignore for half a day… or even longer. Hey, was that the sound of a pin dropping?

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    Copy text in a snap

    Your new phone’s AI has a high IQ. Yes, this little brainbox even knows how to copy and paste text directly from a photo. For example, a delish recipe in a cookbook can be popped into a text-only email in an instant. Same goes for handwritten text – meaning whiteboard scribbles at a meeting can be sent straight after as if you’ve typed them up yourself. Hey, you took the snap, so take the credit! To enable this magic, go into the Photos app and point your camera at the text you want. Select the small text-like icon that appears in the bottom right-hand corner. Tap to copy and paste it into the app of your choice. This also works directly from the Camera Roll inside the Camera app. Simply press down on the text you want to copy with your finger, and 2 text selector dots will appear, ready for you to take your pick. Life’s about to get much simpler, thanks to your new iPhone.

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    Drag and drop images like a pro

    Your phone is crammed with smart new features you’ll love. Like its intuitive drag and drop for content, which is handy for grabbing what you want from one app and placing it into another without any faff. To move stuff from say, Facebook into Pinterest, just long-press on

    the image you like until it turns see-through. Then, select your destination app from the list that shows, and drop the content into it. Once you get into the swing of this, we reckon you’ll be doing it a lot. We started and can’t stop! Not every app supports this nifty feature yet, but most do.

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    FaceTime anyone, anywhere!

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could FaceTime all your family and friends (okay, just your friends), even the ones without an Apple device or Apple account? Well, with iOS 15, you can! Here’s how:

    1. Open the FaceTime app on your phone, and select Create Link
    2. Select Add Name at the top of the Actions menu, and give your link a name
    3. Select how to share it from the Actions menu – Mail, Message, etc.
    4. Send the link, and whoever receives it can click and enter their name to join
    5. Once on the call, they’ll have the usual FaceTime options to mute their mic, disable video, switch camera view, and leave the call

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