Just bought an iPhone XR? These 4 handy tips and tricks will not only help you get the most out of it, but they’ll also make everything easier.


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    Let shortcuts make life easier

    Your iPhone XR is smart, and you can use its Shortcuts app to make your life simpler. It’ll let you read the latest headlines while turning on the lights, all with a single command. Or, set it up a “running time” shortcut that’ll grab the weather forecast, message your running mates, and launch your new running playlist. Leaving you to just sweat that run. Cool!

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    Add lighting effects to your photos

    Want to take better pics? We like the sound of that. First, open the Camera app, flick to Portrait Mode, and be sure you’re using the rear-facing camera. Press and hold on the screen where it says Natural Light, then move your finger to the right. Choose from Studio Light to brighten facial features or Contour Light for a more dramatic result. Isolate your subject with Stage Light or get a classic black and white effect with Stage Mono.

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    Schedule downtime

    Do you often spend so long on your phone, you end up with a croaky voice and cramp in your fingers? Then the Screen Time setting offers a simple solution. Open it and select Downtime. Toggle the switch to the “on” position and schedule a time when only specific apps and phone calls are allowed. It’s great for stopping you or your kids from using their phones after a set time, like before bed or while studying.

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    Don’t take your phone swimming

    Heading off to the pool soon? Well, the good news is, your new phone is water-resistant. The bad news is, the Apple warranty doesn’t cover water damage. So, avoid getting it wet! It’s not your new swimming mate, it’s a phone. But if you do spill liquids on it, we suggest you wipe your iPhone XR with a soft, absorbent cloth and use a fan to blow cool air to help it dry off. However, DON’T turn on the device before it’s completely dry. Use heat or pressurised air to dry it or insert a cotton bud. And whatever you do, don’t use harsh cleaning products such as detergent, soap, adhesive remover, or other solvents. Other than all that, relax and have fun using your new smartphone!

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