On the hunt for some nifty tips and tricks for your new iPhone 12? Well good news, because we’ve got not one, but four of them all lined up for you. Wowza. From setting up shortcuts to levelling up your photo and video skills, you can learn how to do it all in this post. You’re welcome.


Set up shortcuts

Imagine if you could control your iPhone with just a quick tap of its back. Well if you follow the easy steps below, you’ll be able to do just that. You can even set up different actions depending on what you’re after – for example, a double tap for a screenshot and a triple tap to wake up Siri. Some would say it’s just like magic. There are loads of other actions that you can set up too, all designed to make your life easier. Happy tapping!

Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > Double Tap/Triple Tap > Select action


Film HDR videos

Did you know that the iPhone 12 is ready to film in HDR from the get-go? That means that all your daily vlogs, holiday footage and everyday videos will be bursting with colour and more realistic than ever before. It also means that you can put your hefty camera back into the drawer, you won’t be needing it from here on out.

It should already be set up, but if you want to double check, just follow the quick steps below:

Settings > Camera > Record Video


Sound recognition

If you’ve ever had your headphones in and missed the postman, you’ll love this tip. That’s because you can ask your iPhone to be on constant guard for certain sounds, like the doorbell or the dog barking. It’ll recognise them and send you a quick little alert to let you know, so you’ll never have to explain to Mum why you missed her parcel again. Phew.

To set it up, just make sure that your device is running iOS 14 and follow the below:

Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Sound Recognition (“On”) > Sounds > Select sounds


Capture low light photos

Whether you’re at a New Year’s Eve party, a haunted mansion for Halloween or a firework display in the winter, being able to get some good pics in the dark is vital. You won’t have to worry about dreaded blur with an iPhone 12 though, because it’ll automatically adjust the settings for you. And if you pop it into Night mode, you’ll see a yellow icon and a slider, which lets you extend the capture time for better results. We’ll see you on Instagram.

Top tip: Try to hold your phone as steady as possible when taking dark pics, or place it on a solid and secure surface.

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