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Should You Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9?

By: 22/06/2018

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Should You Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9?

It’s becoming more apparent, that sticking with your current handset, rather than upgrading is more appealing and even cost effective in many cases, due to the subtle changes in the newer handset releases. So is it worth upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S9 if you are an existing Galaxy handset owner, particularly an owner of the S8? Here’s our expert opinion.

The first notable difference of the S9 from the S8 is the Super Speed Dual Pixel sensor and lens with physically variable aperture. The sensor offers a greatly reduced grain in pictures and improved, fine edge processing which overall, allows for improved low light photography performance. The S9 camera also boasts super slow-mo, a feature that is not available on the S8. But does this make it worth the upgrade? Probably not. It depends on your camera wants and needs, and whether you would really reap the benefits from a super slow-mo camera function or not but either way, you could be sure you’ll be getting a slightly better camera with the S9.

The S8 and S9 share the same battery however the S9 does have a slightly better processor making the handset perform a little faster, and assisting to preserve the battery life a little further.

The 15% increase in screen brightness is definitely a bonus and is a noticeable difference when the phones are alongside one another. Plus the fingerprint sensor has also been relocated on the S9 which for most will be a blessing! The relocation to below the camera lens makes it easier to reach and use, reducing fingerprints across the lens, something S8 users will be very familiar with.

One final notable difference is the speakers on the S9. Both the loudspeaker and the earpiece give stereo sound quality, a considerable improvement on the S8 speakers which would be a bonus to music or film lovers out there.

The conclusion we came to:
As it stands, if you were to upgrade from the S8 to the S9, you would not be losing out and instead, gaining in features but whether the difference in features warrants the increase in price, is down to the individual.  The S9 would be an excellent handset upgrade for those currently sporting an S7, S7 Edge or even an S6 as the step up in speed, quality style and practicality will be obvious from the outset.

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