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App of the Week: Edjing, the world's first DJ app.

By: 11/11/2014

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CEO of edjing

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, 28 years old, is the Founder & CEO of edjing, the world's first DJ app. edjing transforms any mobile device into a real and intuitive pocket turntable for free. edjing registers more than 20 millions of downloads across 225 countries.


What was the inspiration behind the edjing app?

The inspiration behind the edjing app was to provide an easy-to-use solution that makes DJing accessible to all - novices as well as professionals. This idea came to me while I was a student in engineering. At that time, I was an amateur DJ and I realised that learning how to mix wasn't easy: "DJ gears were out of price/unaffordable, and DJ software was too complex, as it was mostly designed for professionals. This fact gave birth to edjing in 2012, the first affordable and easy-to-use digital DJ solution, launched first on the iPhone. It was an immediate success with more than 500,000 downloads within few weeks.

edjing has a phenomenal userbase, which device/handset has received the most downloads to date?

edjing registers more than 20 million downloads all over the world. This is the only DJ app compatible with all mobile plateforms. iOS and Android are the most represented platforms in terms of downloads. Although edjing for Android was launched in 2013, one year after the release of edjing on iOS, We observe that Android is today our first source of growth in terms of downloads.


We observe that Android is today our first source of growth in terms of downloads...

Are you excited with the new collaboration with Deezer? How do you envision this partnership impacting users and future growth of your DJ apps?

We use our user feedbacks to improve our product. Our users listen more and more to streamed music and want to discover new tracks. We innovated by partnering with one of the world's leading music streaming service, Deezer. In addition to their own audio files, users can mix the music library of Deezer and access its best recommendation tools.

What makes your DJ phone apps so popular?

First, the app is extremely easy-to-use while providing a professional sound. Then, edjing was developed for a general audience with a freemium business model that lets the user download the app for free. And finally, the app is "social": users can share their mixes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, maximizing the viral broadcast of edjing.

What's your favourite feature?

I love all of them! From a functionality point of view, my favorite one is the "Global Search" that enables everyone to find in one click, the track he/she wants to play among more than 50 million tracks, no matter its source: Deezer, SoundCloud, iTunes... In terms of mix, I'm fond of the "Beat Shuffler" feature, a very fun DJ effect that reinvents any sound. The beats are represented by a grid: the user can move the grid cases to rearrange the playing order of the beats.


From a functionality point of view, my favorite one is the "Global Search" that enables...

What other devices can users connect their handsets/device to, in order to enhance the music mixing experience?

This is an excellent question! For the moment, our offering is limited. On February 2014, we announced the compatibility of edjing with a few brands, but we are currently working with several partners to connect edjing with other devices. Stay tuned!

What is the most innovative use of edjing that you have ever seen?

Everyday, we receive tonnes of photos and videos from our users that never stop surprising us. But I think the most innovative use of edjing took place on last February, at Microsoft TechDays, one of the most important high tech events in Europe. In front of 3,000 business decision makers, a DJ illuminated the conference hall to the sound of the music, with more than 60 connected lamps. A world premiere!

Are there any plans to integrate edjing into new social sharing technology?

Last June, we launched "edjing World" the social network for edjers, connecting aspiring DJs all over the world, helping them share and discover new mixes. Discussions are under way to integrate other social media platforms. Some of our users don't use Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+, so we have to tailor our offering to meet their needs and take into account local specifities.

Are there any features to be released alongside the next generation of smartphones (e.g. iPhone 6 / Samsung Galaxy S6 or up & coming handsets)

We have build privileged partnerships with leading Silicon Valley players, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Intel. We work with them in advance to develop new experiences and features. Of course, edjing will take full advantage of iOS 8 for the launch of iPhone 6!


We have build privileged partnerships with the leading Silicon Valley player...

How do you see the company revolutionising the DJ scene in years to come?

World-renowned DJs will remain world-renowned DJs, while keeping their huge revenues. edjing won't reinvent the DJ scene. But, edjing will participate in the rapid expansion and democratization of amateur DJing and therefore, in the long-run, of professional DJs. We hope that in few years some world-class DJs would have started mixing on edjing.

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