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Latest Three (3) SIM-Only Deals

Three is one of the largest mobile phone providers in the country, and they offer a plethora of different SIM-only deals. These days, pretty much every provider offers unlimited calls and texts, so the two things you’re really looking for are data caps, contract lengths, and special offers.

Three offers a number of different SIM-only deals that you can choose from.

At the lower end, you can get 8GB of data from just £7.00 per month with no upfront cost. In fact, all of Three’s SIM-only deals have no upfront cost because this is usually reserved for contracts that involve a new phone. However, this is a 12-month contract, so keep that in mind!

8GB of data is enough for most light use these days. It’s enough for emailing, uploading the occasional photo and browsing social media now and then. However, when it comes to consuming video content, 8GB will realistically only get you about 8 hours of video in a month if you watch with lowered settings. If you want to stream a lot of music and watch video content, then you’ll want a plan with more data.

Looking for more data? Three also offers 12GB of data for £9.00 per month. This includes an automatic cashback of £36.00, effectively reducing the line rental to just £6.00 a month. This is a huge saving if you choose to take advantage of this offer.

12GB gets you a bit more content consumption than 8GB. If you’re a fairly light internet user, then this will be a great choice for you. If you don’t plan to use data much and generally stick to WiFi, then this is a good amount of data to aim for.

The next step up is a 30GB of data for £10.00 per month. Three’s SIM-only deal also includes £12.00 in automatic cashback, effectively reducing the line rental to just £9.00 a month assuming a 12-month contract.

30GB is plenty for the average user that likes consuming internet content. This is enough for you to stream an hour of music, browse social media for an hour, and even watch a few YouTube videos every day.

From here, Three’s SIM-only deals go to 100GB of data for £15.00 a month after cashback, and an Unlimited Data plan for £14.50 a month after cashback. Both of these plans give you enough data to effectively replace an internet connection, making them fantastic if you like to tether your other devices or if you travel a lot.

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