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Latest Voxi Sim-only Deals & Contracts

When looking to get your phone on a new contract, the real decision is whether or not you go the whole hog or opt for a SIM-only deal. SIM-only plans are quickly growing in popularity largely due to people loving the phone they have and not wanting to get rid of it, as well as the range of fantastic SIM-only deals that are on the market. With only a small monthly cost and not such a big commitment as a contract, it’s great if you either can’t decide what to do, want to wait before purchasing a new phone outright or if you are happy with the phone you’ve got. 

When it comes to SIM network providers, the market has a wide range you can choose between. There are O2 SIM-only deals, Three SIM-only deals, Vodafone SIM-only deals and many more. One network that is increasingly growing in popularity is VOXI.

Powered by Vodafone's award-winning mobile network, they call themselves the Mobile Network with unlimited Social Media meaning if you're someone that loves to scroll, click and like then you're in luck! Not only this, but all of the plans on the VOXI mobile network last for just 30 days before rolling over. This means you don’t need to worry about being tied down to any long-term contracts or commitments and if you find the plan isn’t for you, you can leave without any obligations.

There are a few different VOXI plans so it’s down to you to go through and decide which is the best for your lifestyle and what you use your phone for the most. Some of them are 5G ready to go, meaning if you live in the right area where 5G is running (which is a lot of places nowadays) then you can enjoy extra-fast download speeds and lightning-fast streaming. This means no matter where you are, whether out and about or at home, you can get those box sets and movies to your device in no time at all. 

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