Going on holiday should be a stress free experience. But if you are planning to use your data, minutes or texts when abroad, you need to make sure you’ve looked into the roaming charges with you network provider to avoid any nasty bills when you arrive back home. We’ve rounded up what you need to know from each of the UK’s 4 leading networks regarding their roaming charges.



Travelling Within the EU

With O2, you can use your minutes, texts and data allowances as you would at home, including any calls or texts you make and receive within their Europe Zone. You can find the list of included EU destinations with O2 here.

Feel at Home in Europe allows you to Go Roam in 49 European destinations, using you minutes, texts and data without any additional charges. Feel at Home in Europe is available on all Pay Monthly and Pay as You Go plans.

Vodafone’s Global Roaming allows you to explore the world in 152 destinations worldwide on Pay Monthly Plans excluding Basic Plans. Roam Free on Vodafone is available in 48 destinations allowing you to use your minutes, texts and data as you wish, without incurring additional charges.

On EE, you can enjoy European roaming if you are on a pay monthly or pay as you go plan. You can use your data, minutes and texts in 53 countries! Find out if your destination is eligible here.

Travelling Outside the EU

You can take advantage of the O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On which is available on selected O2 Refresh and SIM Only tariffs. This gives you a daily allowance of 120 calls, 120 texts plus, data roaming in 27 extra destinations known as their inclusive zone.

If you are not eligible for this, there is also the option of O2 Travel which allows you to stay connected in other destinations for just £4.99 per day. With this you can use the internet as well as call and text without worrying about unexpected charges – plus you are only charged for the days that you use O2 travel!

Three’s Feel At Home Around the World let’s you Go Roam worldwide without worrying about added expenses. Now in 71 destinations, you can ‘get out of airplane mode and into holiday mode’. Feel At Home Around the World is available on all Pay Monthly and Pay as You Go plans.

Three also offer a Data Passport which gives you the freedom to use your mobile data as you like for just £5 per day allowing you to snap, tweet and post to your hearts content in 89 destinations worldwide. This feature is only available on Pay Monthly contracts including SIM Only plans.

With Vodafone Global Roaming you can explore the world in 152 destinations worldwide on Pay Monthly Plans. Roam Further means you’ll pay just £6 per day to use your minutes, texts and data in their 104 Roam-Further destinations, and you will only be charged on the days that you use your phone – plus receiving calls and texts is free so this would not trigger the daily charge!

EE’s Travel Data Pass gives you ‘a great value data allowance for a fixed daily price’ of which you only pay for on the days you use the data! Countries are grouped into three zones. You can find out pricing for the zone you’ll need, here. The travel pass is available to anyone on an EE Pay Monthly or SIM Only plan.


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