With Reading, Leeds and Creamfields coming up, you might want to do some prep for your weekend full of music. And it’s not just all about your outfit or camping gear – from your phone’s battery to network service, there’s a few things you need to think about. Keep reading to find out the best tips for using your phone and keeping it safe at a festival.


Take a portable charger

wireless charging
No one wants to run out of battery halfway through the day – especially if the best acts are yet to come. Taking a portable charger will give you at least another full charge (some give you even more), meaning it’s possible to record the acts across the whole weekend.


Upgrade to 5G

5G is meant to be able to handle more devices at once (compared to 4G), making it ideal for the likes of festivals and concerts. This means that if the network you’re on has 5G coverage in the area of the festival, then you should find it easier to post on your socials and keep in touch with friends.

Get a sturdy case for it

We all know that festivals can get very messy. Make sure you’ve got a case that will keep it protected from the mud, bustling crowds and weather that come hand-in-hand with a British festival.


Take extra precautions in case you lose it

apple music

In busy places where we’re all up on our feet and dancing around, losing your phone can be a common problem. If you do find yourself in this position, here’s a few things you’ll be wishing you did beforehand.

– Change your lock screen to your emergency contact’s details – have the name and number of your emergency contact on your lock screen, so that if your phone is found, hopefully it can be returned to you safely.

– Set up your phone correctly – it may seem obvious but make sure you’ve set up a lock screen on your phone. This way only you can gain access to all your personal info.

– Record Your IMEI Number – this distinguishes your phone from all the others that look just like it. It may seem silly, but it’s worth noting down.

Insure it – you’d be surprised how many people don’t insure their phone. It’s definitely something worth thinking about. Then, if the worst happens, at least you’ll be covered.


Don't want to take your high-end phone to a festival? Get a cheap one.

SIM Card
Yes we said it, get a cheap SIM free phone. They are often handy and cost very little to run – well worth the small investment for your festival escapades rather than risking the high cost of misplacing or damaging your pricey phone! Plus, if buying the phone from us, ours are unlocked so you can use your existing SIM with it too. Take a look at our range of SIM Free and Refurbished phones, here.


Download these essential apps

Apple iOS

Find my friends – it happens to the best of us. We get sucked into crowds, or we wander off to a food truck, then we turn around and our friends are gone. And at a crowded festival where do you even start to look? With Find My Friends, you can all share your GPS location, making it a lot easier to find each other.

Tent finder – if it’s not your friends that you’ve lost, it’s the tent. Drop a pin on the location of your tent, so you’ll have no problem finding your way back.

St John Ambulance First Aid – if you’re even in an emergency situation, this app shows you the step-by-step basics in emergencies. It’s a great one to have downloaded as a just-in-case.



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