Keep a eye on your pets and follow every one of their pawprints thanks to the Kippy VitaS, a GPS pet tracker and monitor for your cat or dog as part of Vodafone’s ‘V’ range.

Keep your pet safe, easily locate them and get to know them even better with a GPS pet tracking and monitoring device that you simply hook onto your pet’s collar.

If you loose track of your pet and are concerned of their whereabouts, with the Kippy VitaS, all you’d need to do is open up the app and you’ll be able to view their location on a map, and receive directions straight from your location, to theirs.

You can also specify ‘Safe Zones’ via the app so that if you’re pet happens to wonder out of your designated safe zone, you’ll receive an instant notification. This allows you to let your cat roam the neighbourhood or your dog to wander without use of a lead, letting them explore freely.

Your pet is part of your family so their health is important to you. Take your knowledge of your pet’s health one step further with the pet activity monitor capability of the Kippy VitaS. The device will send you updates about your pets activity that day including their eating, drinking, running and sleeping through a dashboard on the app. You can also set goals to help monitor their progress and your pet will provide you with helpful tips on how you can help improve their well-being.

So to recap, the Kippy VitaS  V-Pet by Vodafone hosts many helpful features that allow you to track and monitor your beloved pet, including:

  • GPS tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • Safe Zones
  • Instant alerts
  • Activity monitoring

Ensure your pet is as happy and as safe as possible with the Kippy VitaS.
Click here to see the Kippy VitaS.

About V-SIM:

V by Vodafone products are exclusive to the Vodafone consumer mobile customer. You can connect your ‘V’ product with a Vodafone V-SIM so your device can run off the Vodafone network coverage, removing the need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Vodafone V-SIM Price Promise means they will never charge you more than the agreed monthly price which is based on the expected usage for your device type.


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