Soon available from Mobile Phones Direct… is it a Samsung? Is it Apple? Is it HTC? No, it’s a Brick!


That’s right, in celebration of everything retro you’ll soon be able to purchase an ‘Old-School’ Binatone brick phone, available as a novelty free gift when you take out a pay-monthly contract.

Now it may be a novelty item, however along with re-creating the Yuppy look of 1980’s London, it does work as great bit of classic kit. With the Binatone mobile telephone you can make calls, text, listen to music and it even has Bluetooth which is compatible with iOS and Android!

The Bineatone Brick Mobile Phone will be available soon; however we cannot provide an additional Del-Boy jacket and Filofax.



In the mean time, let me bring you back to the 21st century where you can view our latest new smartphone deals here.



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