Your Samsung phone is designed to make tasks easier, whether you’re capturing memories with the camera, storing files or using maps. So, take a look at these tips to see what your new phone is capable of.

Explore your Samsung 

The user-friendly interface (also known as Samsung’s One UI) is designed for easy navigation. Customise your home screen, organise folders, and try features like Edge Panels for quick access to your favourite apps, contacts, and tools.

Keep your phone fast and snappy!

Ensure your Samsung phone stays snappy by optimising its performance. Head to Settings > Device Care > Optimise Now. This feature clears any unnecessary files, closes background apps, and optimises your device for smoother operation.

Use Samsung Knox for better security 

Samsung Knox provides enhanced security for your device. Use the secure folder option to create a private, encrypted space for your apps and data. This provides an added layer of protection for sensitive information.

Boost your productivity with split-screen 

Take advantage of the Multi-Window and Split-Screen features to run several apps simultaneously. It’s handy for multitasking, allowing you to browse the web while responding to messages or viewing two apps side by side.

Customise your Always-On display 

Personalise your phone’s Always-On Display to show the information that matters most to you, such as the time, date, or notifications. Go to Settings > Lock Screen > Always On Display to set it up.

Use face and fingerprint recognition

Maximise security with biometric authentication. Set up facial recognition and fingerprint scanning for quick and secure access to your device. Head to Settings > Biometrics and Security.

Be super productive with Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX transforms your phone into a desktop-like experience. Just connect your phone to a monitor or TV, and you can use it with a keyboard and mouse, turning it into a productivity powerhouse.

Take brilliant photos

Use Optical Zoom for closer shots without sacrificing quality. Experiment with Pro Mode for manual control over settings like ISO and shutter speed.

Your wellness companion

Use Samsung Health to monitor your fitness and well-being. Track your steps, set fitness goals, and access a variety of health-related features.

Tasks are made easier with Bixby voice

Use Bixby Voice for hands-free control of your phone and to carry out commands. You can even create Bixby Routines to automate tasks based on triggers, making your phone adapt to your daily routines.

An even better gaming experience

If you’re a gamer, use Game Launcher for the best experience. It consolidates your games in one place, provides performance-enhancing features, and blocks notifications when you’re playing.

Customise your alerts

Edge Lighting lights up the edges of your screen when you receive notifications, while Edge Panels give you quick access to apps, tools, and contacts.

By incorporating these tips into your Samsung phone usage, you’ll find yourself tapping into lots of features and functionalities that make daily tasks simple and enjoyable.


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