Whether you’re looking to neaten up your home screen, control your notifications or take your photography to the next level, the Galaxy A32 5G is the perfect partner in crime. It’s got loads of hidden features to help make everything easier, and because we’re nice, we’ve picked out 4 of our favourites for you.


  • 1

    Hide apps from the home screen

    We know what it’s like when you’ve got an urgent deadline but you can’t help opening your social media apps on autopilot. If you’re ready to change your scrolling ways, the Galaxy A32 5G lets you hide apps from the home screen, taking away the temptation once and for all. You’ll still be able to get to them – you’ll just have to type in the app name on the search bar. What are you going to do with all your spare time now?

    To choose which apps you want to hide, just press and hold down the home screen, tap “Home Screen Settings” and then “Hide Apps”. Easy.

  • 2

    Swap buttons for screen gestures

    The Galaxy A32 5G lets you swap those space-taking buttons for nifty screen gestures. So, if you’re reading the headlines and you want to go back a page, you’ll be able to just swipe from left to right instead of fumbling over the navigation bar. Easier, quicker, better. You’ll also be able to choose which gestures you want for each action – the power is well and truly in your hands (well, fingers).

    To set it up, just follow the quick and easy steps below:

    Settings > Display > Navigation Bar

  • 3

    Take back control of your notifications

    If you’ve got loads of apps installed on your Galaxy A32 5G, you’re probably bombarded with countless notifications every day. Well, with just a quick tweak of your settings, you can put a stop to certain ones buzzing away. You can change the type of sound or vibration pattern too, so that it’s different for each app, and so you’ll always know what’s trying to get your attention without having to reach into your pocket.

    To keep everything in order, just hold down the app’s icon and tap ‘Notifications’.

  • 4

    Master your photography skills

    These days, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take some world-class pics. And that’s why the Galaxy A32 5G will be the perfect assistant. The Quad Camera on the back has four lenses for you to play with – a 48MP main camera for your everyday shots, an 8MP Ultra-Wide camera to put every moment into perspective, a 5MP Macro camera to capture every detail and a 2MP Depth camera to nail the focus. Blimey, you’ll be an artist-in-residence in no time.

    To flick between the four lenses, just use the sliding menu above the shutter.


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