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Mobile Phone Networks

We've got your coverage covered with amazing plans from three of the UK's biggest and best network providers. Check out the deals below and shop for a contract that suits you.

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Choose Your Mobile Phone Network


Vodafone are one of the largest leading networks in the UK and Europe, with wide coverage across the country, and great deals on a range of phones.

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Three are in the middle of building the UK’s fastest 5G network, and they’re known for being reliable in the UK for texts, calls, and data.

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As well as giving you phone deals, O2 let you take advantage of some cool perks, like O2 Priority, and their expanding 5G coverage.

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Mobile Phone Networks

When it comes to selecting a new smartphone, you’ll have to do more than decide which handset is right for you. You’ll also have to think about which mobile phone network you’ll select, too.

The UK has some of the best phone networks in the world, and that’s not the only good thing about the leading networks, either. There’s healthy competition between the leading networks, especially between Three, Vodafone, and O2 (the “Big Three” as we like to call them), and that means there are plenty of network deals to choose from that can help you get the best price on your handset and data, calls, and texts.

The Leading UK Mobile Networks

If you’re looking to get one of the latest smartphones on a pay monthly deal, then it’ll likely be on either Vodafone, Three, or O2. There are other mobile networks, but these are the main ones, and often the only options when taking out a contract for the newest devices. 

All three networks offer exceptional nationwide coverage. Yet, while there’s plenty of overlap between the three of them, they all have their own unique selling points that are worth keeping in mind when making your decision.

If you just need a sim-only deal (that is, just the data, minutes, and texts without the device) then you can also look at networks like Smarty and Voxi, both of which offer impressive packages at low prices. You can find the full range of sim only deals here

You’ll find great deals on smartphones across all the major UK phone networks. In most cases, people choose a tariff based on brand loyalty or because of a specific deal. Grab a top-of-the-range iPhone 15 Pro or a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra if you’re looking to splash out and treat yourself, or save some cash with a cheap mobile phone if you need a quick replacement.

Or head on over to our deals page and have a look for something that catches your fancy. There are loads of mobile phone deals to browse, whether you want a new contract, an upgrade or a SIM-only model.

And if you have any questions, our handy Advice & Inspiration page can help. It’s got tips on upgrades, how to keep the kids safe with parental controls, and includes a breakdown or our personal recommendations