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Key Features
  • 6.67” Full HD+ display
  • 48MP rear camera
  • 2-day battery life
  • 8MP front camera
  • 5G-enabled
  • Secure face recognition

Ready for an upgrade? The Nokia X10 has a 6.67” Full HD+ display that delivers a great resolution. It also has a 48MP rear camera that’ll snap Instagram-worthy photos, and an 8MP front camera for grabbing quick selfies when you’re out with friends. And because it’s 5G-ready, you can enjoy rapid download speeds and high-quality streaming – those boxsets will make your commutes fly by. The 2-day battery life means you won’t need to keep scrambling for a charger when you need to send an email, while face recognition makes it really secure.

Sim Type Nano
Operating System Android
Operating System Version 11
Processor Family Qualcomm® Snapdragon
Processor Number 480
Screen Size 6.67"
USB Input USB Type-C
Number of Front Camera Lenses 1
Front Camera 1 (Megapixels) 8
Number of Rear Camera Lenses 4
Rear Camera 1 (Megapixels) 48
Rear Camera 2 (Megapixels) 5
Rear Camera 3 (Megapixels) 2
Rear Camera 4 (Megapixels) 2
Fingerprint Sensor Yes

Nokia X10 Contract & SIM Free Deals

Fast, powerful, and a great price? The Nokia X10 smartphone is the full package. It’s got a fantastic 6.67-inch Full HD+ screen with plenty of pixels for bringing your favourite shows and games to life. And it has a 5G network connection too, so you can download or stream whatever you want in record time – no buffering, no delays. Plus, there’s a microSD slot on the side if you need a little extra storage space.

Not looking to spend as much? You can still get a great phone with the Nokia G10. You’ll still get a great view on its 6.5-inch HD+ LCD display, and its battery life lasts for a whopping 72 hours on a single charge. But if you want an even bigger screen for your games and movies, the Nokia G50 has a 6.82-inch HD+ that’s incredibly bright, clear and colourful, as well as facial recognition security.

Whether you want to buy outright, or sign up for a new contract, you’ll find loads of deals to suit your needs. You can grab a pay monthly plan with one of the best networks in the UK, or pick up a SIM-free handset for popping your old card into.

For a few handy tips and tricks, be sure to visit our Help and Advice page. You’ll find answers to all sorts of question, like how to apply for cashback, how to limit your data use, and even how to set up parental controls.