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Top 50 Tech-toys and Gadgets this Christmas

By: 20/12/2016

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Tech and Gadget gifts


1. Infinity Virtual Reality Headset - £29.99

With virtual reality slowly but surely changing the way in which we can enjoy more immersive video gaming this rather nifty and affordable headset from Infinity is the ideal way to turn your smartphone into an inexpensive VR solution that even your Nan can enjoy using.


2. Star Wars Battle Drones - £229.99

These insanely brilliant battle drones are the perfect gift for all Star Wars lovers out there. Meticulously replicated from a trio of vehicles from the franchise including a T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, Darth Vader’s very own TIE Advanced X1, and a 74-Z Speeder Bike.


3. Apple Macbook Pro with Touch Bar - £2,699.00

Apple fans would love to get their mitts on this baby but it certainly doesn’t come cheap. This 15-inch Macbook Pro boasts plenty of processing power and improved graphics and even includes a special Touch Bar and Touch ID access.


4. Emoji keyboard cover & software - £24.99

This special silicon cover can be draped over your Apple or Mac-based keyboard to add a bit of fun to the dreary grey and also give it a practical edge, very useful for those very much into expressing themselves with emojis.


5. Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker - £49.99

If you’re particularly health conscious or looking to improve your fitness levels this very affordable activity tracker will help you keep you informed of all your daily goings-on. It can measure speed, distance and calories which is ideal for those post-Christmas health kicks.


6. Dual Laser Projector - £24.99

As we head into party season no house should be without this really useful and effective laser light projector. Let the lights dance across your walls in time with the musical beats as your guests dance the night away.


7. Copper Smartphone Projector - £25.95

Decent projectors are generally accompanied by hefty price tags and that’s why Luckies have created this special copper projector that will allow you to project your smartphone screen up to 8 times anywhere you wish. It’s cheap, lightweight, portable and a great gift!


8. Google Chromecast - £30.00

Plug and play streaming devices are incredibly handy for so many reasons and one of the best on the market is the Google Chromecast. Simply plug it in to your TV’s HDMI port and you’ll be able to use your smartphone to cast images, shows, movies and so much more.


9. Zip Mobile Printer - £109.99

For those who are always on the move and enjoy snapping as many photos as possible on their travels, this portable Zip printer allows you to wirelessly print on the go. Using a special print paper this ink-free printer can provide you with full colour 2x3inch prints.


10. Portable Solar Bank Charger - £49.99

If you have a bad phone battery it can be frustrating to find yourself halfway through the day with a depleted smartphone. Thankfully this pocket sized solar charger can give your mobile device a full charge boost up to 4 times on a full battery.


11. Frozen Drinks and Slushie Maker - £49.99

This rather attractive retro slushie maker would fit perfectly into the kitchen of any self-confessed geek or gadget lover out there. Churn out as many ice-cold smoothies, cocktails and slushies until your heart’s content or you get brain freeze.


12. SONOS Play 1: Wireless speaker - £149.00

Music lovers will get no end of pleasure out of this beautifully compact wireless speaker. Play your iTunes library straight to the speaker through your home Wi-Fi and even expand your setup with more speakers to place elsewhere around your house.


13. Bluetooth Jukebox Station - £149.99

It’s not quite a full-on Wurlitzer but retro ideas like this are always a good Christmas gift choice for those not quite sure what to buy their loved ones. Standing at just 38cm high this Jukebox station gives owners the chance to play CDs, the radio and even wirelessly connect your smartphone.


14. Apple iPhone 6s with free Samsung UE40J5100 40” Full HD TV - £60.99 per month/24 months

Picking out a decent contract phone deal can always be a little overwhelming but when deals come with a 40-inch full HD television thrown in it for free it becomes a much easier decision to make. And that’s exactly what Mobile Phones Direct are offering this Xmas season.


15. Apple TV 32 GB - £139.00

Get access to thousands of movies and shows with the 32GB Apple TV. You can live-stream and airplay videos, photos directly to the device using most Apple products as well as mirror your screen right up onto your larger TV screen.


16. Jellyfish Water Speakers - £24.99

If you haven’t quite got the patience to build your own speaker then you can always pick up these cool illuminated speakers that feature a special trio of imitation jellyfish all ready to dance along to whatever your playlist might be.


17. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 i Headphones - £199.99

These insanely comfortable over-ear headphones will help cancel out all those unwanted surrounding sounds and enhance your listening experience. They can even be conveniently folder up to pack away when on the go.


18. Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch - £349.00

Wearables have had an impactful year in the gadget market in 2016 and the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch was one of the best around. Now you again message, call and so much more on the go. But best of all you can go for days without having to worry about giving it a recharge.


19. Apple iPhone 7 with free Marks & Spencer £100 e-voucher - £39.50 per month/24 months

If you’re looking for a new phone contract and have your eye on the new Apple iPhone 7 why not couple it up with a free offer that’ll even go a long way to help you with the rest of your Christmas buying. With this MPD deal you’ll get a gratis M&S voucher which you can easily re-gift for a friend or family member.


20. Samsung Wireless Charging Station - £32.99

No longer do Samsung owners have to concern themselves with lost or broken charging cables with this sublimely convenient Galaxy S6 charging dock. Wirelessly charge your device just by laying it down on the pad and eliminate all that usual faffing about.


21. Amazon Echo Smart Speaker - £149.95

The highly publicised Echo Smart Speaker is Amazon’s latest innovative product that allows users to voice activate music and a whole host of other tasks. It’s simple to setup and as it evolves we’re sure it’ll be packed with sweet updates.


22. Virtual Infrared Keyboard - £104.27

If you struggle tapping away on the smaller smartphone keyboard screens you may want to invest in this cool alternative. Simply Bluetooth this device to your own and it’ll project a full size virtual keyboard right onto your desk or workspace.


23. Magic Wand TV Remote - £61.16

This fun gift is great for geek-lovers who fancy themselves as a bit of a Harry Potter at home. Program a variety of gestures into this wand and take control of your TV. You can change channels, adjust the volume and switch it on and off with this nifty little gadget.


24. Grow your own Ecosphere - £99.00

This unique gift is ideal for a youngster interested in science and our planet. This micro ecosphere is completely self-contained and features all the main Earthly elements found right here. It even comes with active micro-organisms that will grow and develop over time.


25. Samsung Gear VR Headset - £99.99

It’s been picking up a few mixed reviews of late but the Samsung Gear VR headset is still one of the most affordable VR solutions on the market. Taking games and movies to a whole new level of immersive entertainment it’s the perfect stocking filler for a gadget nut.


26. Google Pixel Phone - From £599

The mobile phone market is awash with excellent handsets and it can be difficult to sieve through the features to decide which might be best. The new Google Pixel is an Android phone that could truly compete with Apple and its camera is absolutely stunning.


27. Doctor Who Tardis Projector Clock - £29.99

Sci-fi lovers will sleep soundly knowing they have a replica Tardis police box laying next to them as they catch some zzz’s. But what’s more is that this mini Doctor Who prop can also project the time onto your wall and even wake you up by playing some familiar Tardis sound effects.


28. Sony PlayStation VR - £349.99

It’s not quite as cost-effective as the cardboard-based alternatives but it’s certainly an experience worth having if you own a PlayStation 4. This virtual reality headset will turn your PS games into immersive, exciting experiences like no other.


29. GoPro Hero Session Action Camcorder - £155.00

The GoPro Hero camera can shoot full HD 1080p video and is compact enough to attach just about anywhere. So if your recipient lives an active life always out on their bike or participating in extreme sports then this will make sure they can capture every moment.


30. HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer

It’s the second pocket-sized photo printer in our list and this HP solution also takes advantage of new zero-ink technology. It provides quick smudge-proof 2x3 inch prints of all your favourite snaps you’ve taken on your smartphone or tablet.


31. Amazon Fire HD Tablet - £89.99

The HD Fire tablet is not only cost-effective but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Amazon’s flagship tablet is great for gaming, reading and shopping and perfect for just about any member of the family.


32. Tile Slim Phone Finder - £29.99

Do you have a partner or friend renown for losing things? With the Tile Slim you can easily locate your misplaced keys, wallet, tablets or mobile phones. This super thin device can be attached to your possessions and will emit a signal to help you track it down.


33. Star Wars C3P0 Speaker - £169.99

Christmas always seems to be a good time for Star Wars fans and this year is no different. With this amazingly detailed C3P0 head speaker you can combine your love for the force with that of your musical tastes.


34. Canon PowerShot G9X Digital Camera - £369.96

The smartphone evolution has somewhat meant that camera sales have declined but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some fantastic digital cameras still out there. Canon’s touchscreen powershot camera can offer avid snappers the chance to take high quality photos and HD videos of all those unforgettable moments.


35. Xbox One S Console - From £249.99

It boasts 1TB of space, it is thinner, slicker and looks smarter. It’s the only console currently on the market that comes with full 4K video streaming, HDR and 4K Blu-ray, ideal for playing all your favourite Xbox games online.


36. Apple Watch Sport - £259.00

Arguably the Apple Watch range is still a little overpriced when compared to other wearables on the market but the Sport watch is still a stunning device which will even be able to help you keep track of your workouts, activity and your overall health levels in realtime.


37. Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit - £199.99

Setting up a smart home needn’t be an overly expensive and complicated process. If your home needs an automated boost this SmartThings starter kit from Samsung will be ideal. It contains everything you need to get started including motion cameras, sensors and device controllers.


38. Portable USB Monitor - £149.00

Sometimes your computer monitor just isn’t wide enough to contain the simultaneous tasks you might be carrying out. This is especially noticeable when you’re working away from home and that’s where the Packed Pixels portable USB monitor comes in. Extend your desktop fuss-free wherever you are using its simple screen mount and connection setup.


39. Samsung Galaxy S7 & Microsoft Xbox One 1TB Console - £43.00 per month/24 months

Mobile Phones Direct may have some great deals on the latest iPhones but there is also a full line-up of Android offers too. This particular one comes with a free Xbox One console meaning that you can walk away with the latest Galaxy S7 whilst someone else will be getting a very impressive Christmas present this year.


40. Prynt iPhone Case 6/6S - £139.99

“One hundred and forty pounds for an iPhone case!?” I hear your cry. But this isn’t your typical plastic rubbish this is a special attachable printer which when slotted up against your iPhone will allow you to print your stored photos ink-free.


41. Hexagon Levitate 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker - £99.99

There are tonnes of various Bluetooth-based speakers out there but none like this space-age speaker that will no doubt become the talking point of your living room. It defies gravity and floats freely in the air whilst playing all your favourite tunes.


42. Air LP Bluetooth Wood Record Player - £99.99

If you have a number of old vinyl records kicking about then why not use this cool retro-styled turntable to convert your classic LPs into digital files. You can still enjoy listening to your records and it even sends the music to any Bluetooth speaker.


43. DIY Speaker Kit - £29.99

With this unique piece of kit you can convert almost anything in your home into a working speaker. There’s quite a bit of technical work involved in piecing it together but it comes with full instructions and will keep the recipient occupied for a while.


44. BOSE Solo 5 Soundbar - £169.00

Sound bars are able to provide you with a phenomenal sound experience and the BOSE Solo 5 is one of the best around. It provides you with incredible clearness of sound and it can be conveniently placed just about anywhere you like.


45. Seagate Backup Plus Portable 1TB Hard Drive - £52.99

Seagate’s popular portable hard drive is an indispensable device for anyone looking to keep full working backups of their most important computer files and documents. What’s more is its sleek and slim line design allows you to slip it away effortlessly into your pocket or bag.


46. Beats by DR Dre Powerbeats 3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - £169.95

Many of us now enjoy a regular workout and of course a gym-related playlist is essential to help motivate us and keep us going during those tough and often painful moments. That’s where a set of headphones like the wireless Powerbeats are the ideal accessory. You can even do an emergency 5 minute charge which will get you an hour of playback if you’re in a hurry.


47. NOW TV Smart TV Box with 5 month Entertainment Pass - £69.99

Streaming devices are commonplace these days and almost every major electronics brand has some product out there. NOW TV is Sky’s alternative to Netflix giving users the opportunity to pick up monthly passes to enjoy all the latest TV and movie entertainment out there.

48. Alpha 1S Robot - £499.99

Robots might not quite be ready to take over the world but the Alpha 1S certainly manages to push things further. This fully customisable robot can be programmed to do a variety of routines which can all be controlled by your smartphone.


49. PlayStation Phone Controller - £13.04

If you’re an avid mobile gamer then you can slot in your smartphone to this quality retro phone controller based on the classic PlayStation controller. Now finally you can enjoy these mobile-based games by tapping actual buttons and using thumb joysticks.


50. X4 FPV Mini Quadcopter - £149.99

This reasonably priced quadcopter drone is a great little gift for any budding youngster interested in aviation and remote controlled gadgets. Connect your phone to the controller and you’ll be able to record all your in-flight activity.


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