You may remember our April fool’s joke earlier this year when we reported a false story about Microsoft giving Cortana, Windows life assistant, a hologram body. Well it seems the joke on us as YouTube user Mrwhostheboss has discovered a way of creating 3D holograms on Smartphones with 4K screens.

To create a Hologram on your smartphone, you don’t need a fancy app; you can create a 3D video projector with a few simple house hold objects. It’s all very Blue Peter!

Take a look at the video below to see how you can create the Hologram affect. This instructional video from tech vlogger Mrwhosetheboss tells you all you need to know…


Technically, this doesn’t produce a hologram, but as you can see in the video and pictures above, the results look very similar.

The aim is to create a pyramid of transparent, reflective material with the point facing down onto your smartphone screen. Using specially designed videos with 4 mirrored images, the four sides of the pyramid reflect each animation in a way that unbelievably resembles a floating 3D Hologram.

The walkthrough in the video above went viral on Reddit over the weekend, leading to several helpful additions, including a printable pyramid template and a 3D projector-compatible version of Shia LaBeouf’s “motivational speech” video which you can use for your own 3D Hologram below…

We can imagine that as this craze has hit big time among Smartphone users, many more 3D purpose videos will be created! I’d personally like to see a little dancing Michael Jackson!


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