What are they & why are they good?
Bill caps, spend caps and data caps are effectively the same thing. They are all designed to stop you using more than your contract allowance so you don’t receive any nasty surprises on your monthly bill.
For example: If your monthly bill is £30 and you add a £5 spend cap, you’ll never receive a bill over £35 as you will not be able to use more than £5 more in addition to your bill.

How do they work?

Buy your new phone and choose the cap amount

This will be added to your plan ensuring you never pay more than the capped amount

You can always change this with your network provider at a later date


What do they cover?
Premium rate calls and texts
Sending picture messages
International Calls
Calls to directory enquiries


Other FAQs
Can I amend my cap amount?

Yes you can amend this at any point. Just contact your network provider and you will be able to amend your capped amount.

I don’t have a cap but have changed my mind, can I add one?
Yes you can add a cap whenever you like! All you need to do is contact your network provider and they will be able to get this added for you.

Is my cap still valid if abroad?
Yes, as long as the destination is part of your roaming plan then any capping amount will still apply.

What happens when I reach my cap limit?
Your network provider will usually notify you before you reach you capped limit. Depending on what you have run out of, you may not be able to make calls, texts, use the internet etc. above your monthly allowance until it resets (emergency services will still be available).

What is a £0 spend cap?
If you happen to have used up your monthly allowance and have added a £0 spend cap, you’ll not be able to spend anything more than your monthly allowance.

Can I remove the bill cap?
Yes, you are able to remove the bill cap at any point. All you need to do is contact your network provider and they will be able to make this amend for you.


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