If you were particularly good last year and managed to bag yourself an iPhone 15 for Christmas, you’ll be excited to see what it can really do. Since their release in September 2023, we’ve seen four models on the market in a range of cool colours, including the iPhone Pro and the iPhone Max. And they’ve all got lots of tricks ready to be discovered, even if you’re tech-savvy. We’ve gathered ten of the best for photo enthusiasts, efficiency seekers, and everyone else in between, which are:


1. Explore Dynamic Island
2. Meet the new and improved Siri
3. Create the perfect pic in a flash!
4. Record your screen for later
5. Make the keyboard work for you
6. Master the built-in trackpad
7. Fly through multiple apps
8. Edit videos on the go
9. Create a Memoji
10. Bedtime routine with iPhone


Explore Dynamic Island

Apple’s newest feature, Dynamic Island, makes using your iPhone 15 even easier than ever. Dive into this awesome feature by swiping right on your home screen where you can see every app that’s either active or running in the background. It’s your one-stop tap for everything, whether it’s unlocking your phone, connecting your AirPods, receiving AirDrops, using Face ID, and much more!


Meet the new and improved Siri

Remember Siri? Our favourite voice assistant has undergone some major upgrades. Just hold the side button and ask away. Whether it’s making calls, sending messages, or setting reminders, just say Hey Siri followed by your instruction – she’ll be ready to help. Plus, the more you use her, the better she gets at understanding your commands. You can even change her voice now too.


Create the perfect pic in a flash!

A good background can make or break a fab snap, and sometimes you want to add your own. With the iPhone 15’s clever background remover, you can effortlessly tweak your pics to highlight the main subject. Just open the photo you want to alter and click on the edit icon. Then use the slider to adjust the focus and background to your liking. It’s that easy.


Record your screen for later

Need to record something happening on your screen? It’s super simple! Head to Settings, then Control Center, and then Customize Controls. Tap the green plus next to Screen Recording and voila – you can record anything, including video calls, by swiping down from the upper-right corner and tapping the circle button. That comes in handy if you want to go over some notes from a meeting, for example.


Make the keyboard work for you

If typing on a small screen frustrates you, fear not. With iPhone 15’s Slide-to-Type feature, you can simply swipe your finger from one letter to the next without lifting it to type words. Also, to get your cursor in just the right spot, hold down the space bar, and the keyboard will turn into a trackpad for precision typing.


Master the built-in trackpad

Talking about trackpads, did you know the entire keyboard can turn into a trackpad? With the Assistive Touch feature, you can turn any area of your screen into a trackpad, giving you a smoother experience. Simply long-press on the space bar until the keys disappear and move your finger around to control the cursor.


Fly through multiple apps

Looking for a quick way to tackle a few jobs at once? Use the iPhone 15’s innovative Back Tap feature. You can program a double or triple tap on the back of your phone to perform certain commands. You can find it under Settings, then Accessibility, then Touch, and finally Back Tap. From there, just set up what you want the different kinds of taps to do and you’re ready to roll.


Edit videos on the go

Forget transferring videos to your computer and back – your iPhone 15 has it covered. You can trim, rotate, add filters, or even increase the exposure and contrast jus using the phone itself. That means you won’t have to faff around with cables or extra apps. And here’s a bonus tip. For a quick correction, use the “auto” edit function that enhances your video by itself!


Create a Memoji

Express yourself in a fun way by creating your very own Memoji! It’s a fun personalised emote that looks just like you instead of the standard yellow circle guy. Just go to your Messages app, click on the Animoji icon, and add a new Memoji that resembles your lovely face. Now you’re all set to impress your friends and grandkids with your technical flair.


Bedtime routine with iPhone

Lastly, your iPhone 15 can even help you keep a up with healthier sleeping habits. Head over to the Health app, then Browse, and select Sleep to set your personal schedule and goals. Your mobile will remind you when it’s time to start winding down for the night, which is especially handy if you’re lost deep in an endless scrolling session (we’ve done it).

And there you have it, ten tricks and tips to get the most out of your iPhone. Have some fun playing around with the different Apple apps and you’ll be a wiz in no time. Maybe you’ll even discover something new on your own.


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