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About Us


Happiness just happens to be our thing.

AO Life aims to bring you constant inspiration and useful information, the stuff that good times are made of. Behind the scenes, we’re people who love great food, beautiful things, quality time and anything that makes life that little bit easier. We’re part of the family.

We understand how appliances keep things ticking over, and when you need one, will be there. But, for all those precious moments in between, there’s us. Hopefully we can inspire you to create something, empower you to do just about anything or show you how to get the best out of pretty much everything.

We try to keep you up to date with delicious recipes and the latest trends, as well as ideas, projects and technology to enhance the way you live your life. Over the years we’ve grown into the online magazine you see today, thanks to an amazing team. You can find out more about them here.

If we’re getting it right, or if there’s something else you’d really like to see, then let us know. It’s not really About Us, it’s more About You. It’s about what you like, what you love and what you need to know, so welcome to your happy place.

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