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What is GDPR?

GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, is the biggest change seen in UK data protection laws for 20 years. It is a regulation in EU law which purpose is to give you more control over how organisations like us, use your data.

Who does it apply to and how will they be affected?

GDPR will affect everyone from individual consumers, to large organisations. For you, it means increased security for your personal data as it enforces your right and ability to control your personal information, privacy and the way that your information is used by businesses such as us.

It also enforces greater vigilance when collecting and safeguarding your personal data. We will need your permission on how we can capture, use and share your personal data, as will all organisations.

When will it take effect?

25th May 2018by which point we will have had to update our data protection procedures and make it easy for you to update your contact preferences from us.

What you need to know about GDPR – An Overview.

  • You’re better protected

    GDPR means organisations with your personal data must now have the correct processes in place in order to protect your data, otherwise they risk receiving big penalties.

  • You’re in control

    You will have greater visibility and control over the personal data that an organisation holds on you from small details such as your name, to greater, more sensitive information.

  • You choose how you are contacted

    You can choose who can contact you and how they contact you (whether it be by email, phone, SMS etc), and what they can contact you about (whether it be about their products, services and/or promotions).

  • You can change your mind

    Even if you have already consented to an organisation contacting you, you can revoke this by updating your preferences to what you want to receive from them - if anything at all!

  • You can request a Subject Access Request

    Under the GDPR, you do have the right to a Subject Access Request. This means you can ask us for what data we hold on you, and where it has been shared.

What data do we hold on you?

The data we hold on you is any data you have shared with us. This will include any forms you’ve filled in on our website such as placing an order, or creating an account, and may also include any contact you have made with us, such as emails and call recordings.

What do we do with your personal data?
Why is your data in safe hands with us?

  • We are transparent and make marketing consent clear

  • We regularly review our policies and security measures that we have in place to ensure the continued safety of your personal data. As such, we will be updating our Privacy Policy and this will be available on our website soon.

  • We don’t sell your data to third parties

How can you update your preferences?

As a result of GDPR, we have made it easy for you to update your preferences with us.

Look out for our order form and your account where we keep preferences simple.

Can I ask for my data to be removed?


Also known as the ‘Right to Erasure’, organisations must allow for data to be deleted where practicable. At Mobile Phones Direct, we typically hold data for fulfilled orders and cancelled orders. This plays a role on what we’re able to remove from our systems, as we may have contractual or regulatory requirements to retain your data.

Where you request that we delete the data we hold on you, we will do so wherever feasible, removing all data that sits outside of any requirements we have in place, such as contractual or regulatory.