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About Doro Mobile Phones

Doro mobile phones are perfect for anyone who isn't up to date with all the latest tech but wants to keep in touch with loved ones. Doro keep their mobiles simple and include clever features that are there to lend an extra helping hand when you need it. They make a conscious effort to make sure the volume is loud and is compatible with hearing aids, so no one misses an alert or phone call. Plus, the buttons are generally raised and really big, helping you make fewer mistakes in your texts. And, some of Doro's phones even come with an assistance button that you can press to alert relatives if you have a fall. Some of Doro's mobiles, like the Doro 5516, are designed in the shape of a bar, giving you the easiest access to buttons. But there's also flip phones, such as the Doro 6620, which fit a large screen and big buttons into a pocket-sized design.