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About Doro Mobile Phones

Want a mobile that’s going to make your life easier without having to plan in loads of time getting to know it? A Doro phone is perfect for those of us who struggle with tech, or simply don’t want any bells and whistles. They’re designed to make keeping in touch with loved ones super easy, are compatible with hearing aids and have large buttons to limit any fumbling.

If buttons aren’t your thing, a Doro touch screen phone is great for navigating your way between apps. They’ll help keep you safe too, as some even come with an assistance button, which is great in the unfortunate event of a fall. And phones like the Doro 8050 have really impressive battery lives, perfect if you’re terrible for remembering to put your phone on charge.

Like the sound of that? Then check out our other mobile phone deals. Whether you simply want a new SIM-free handset, or a monthly contract with all the benefits, we’ve got something for everyone.

If you need a little bit of guidance, be sure to visit our helpful Advice & Inspiration page with any questions you might have. You can find out more about upgrades, information on spending caps and even staff recommendations.