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Top 10 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9

By: 22/05/2018

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Top 10 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is an amazing handset to say the least. It boasts a whole host of features to keep you entertained, all within a sleek and stylish looking body. So apart from its great looks, what features does the S9 comprise of that has us so impressed?

1. Super Slow-mo
The super slow-mo camera feature has to be one of the best features in terms of entertainment. The fun that can be had with this is incredible! Achieved by shooting at 960 frames per second, the camera let’s you capture the moment like never before, plus you can share your snaps with your friends, adding music and editing the looping style!

2. Variable Aperture
Sticking with the camera features, we’ve also been wowed by the quality of photos that can be taken in all lighting conditions. The dual aperture lens can adapt to both bright light and low light situations just as our eyes would resulting in excellent quality photos you’d never have expected from a smartphone until now.

3. AR Emoji
If you really like to have fun, the S9 is perfect for you. Turn yourself into an emoji and create animated versions of yourself that you can send in messages to your friends and family that replicates your very own movements and expressions. You’ll be able to personalise your emoji to look just like you so that when you record your movements and speech, it’ll be just like you, just in an emoji form – how cool?!

4. Dual Stereo Speakers
If you like your music you’re going to love the surround sound stereo speakers on this phone. The Dolby Atmos sound on the stereo speakers tuned by AKG, delivers clear and crisp sound, providing a theatre like experience like no other.

5. Intelligent Scan
We know security is important which is why we really like the iris scan feature. Intelligent scan lets you unlock your phone easily through facial recognition. While you can use your eyes to unlock the handset, you are still able to use the more conventional methods including fingerprint scanning or password/pattern unlock.


6. Bixby Translate
Translation just became easy thanks to Bixby Translate. Using the camera, Bixby can read what you can’t and translate things real-time. It’s a fantastic feature for travelling, so you can speak their language, around the world.


7. Bixby Vision
Bixby also brings us vision, an augmented reality assistant there to help you when you need it. Ask Bixby anything, or show Bixby anything and it will answer you with the information you need to know.

8. Expandable Storage
Never run out of room. If you manage to fill your 64GB memory there’s no need to worry as this can be expanded up to 400GB of total storage on the device. This means you can chat, snap and download to your hearts content… almost!


9. Power and Performance
A handsets power and performance are one of the most noticeable things about your smartphone today which is why you should know the S9 packs a powerful processor so whatever you do, it’s done quickly and efficiently.


10. Dust and Water Resistant
And finally, the S9 is IP68 rated meaning it is dust and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about accidental splashes or spills. Doesn’t it put your mind at ease? It does ours.


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