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The iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – What’s best for you?

By: 06/10/2015

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iphone 6s or samsung galaxy s6

It's the question on everybody's lips... iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6, battle of the 6 and S's! Before making any choices about handsets however, you have to ask yourself a more important question - iOS or Android? When our friendly sales team advise customers on picking the right phone, the first question they ask is always in regards to the operating system... 


General usage and Operating System

An operating system is essentially how everything works on your phone, from the general apps to the menu and design; it holds the software together on a responsive platform.


Apple iOS

Apple run on their own self-made operating system called iOS, which was created along with the iPhone in 2007. Currently in its iOS 9 generation, it’s often referred to as the most user-friendly and simple to navigate, allowing you to easily explore the various options within apps. Navigating between apps is also easy, with a simple double tap of the menu button. You also have Siri, your own personal assistant who’s willing to call or message your contacts for you, find you the best place in town for a romantic meal, or even insult you with witty one-liners (try asking it what 0 divided by 0 is!)

So what does the new iOS 9 bring to the iPhone 6S? Well, first of all Siri has had a massive update now being able to create contextual reminders and search through photos and videos for keywords. Swiping left on your home menu also brings up a new screen that houses ‘Siri Suggestions’ which  puts favourite contacts and apps right at your fingertips, along with nearby restaurant suggestions, location travel information and other important news & sport.

Apple Pay is also included (and improved) on iOS 9, allowing you to make payments similar to your debit or credit card’s touch-pay, only using your fingerprint as identification instead. ‘Maps’ is arguably the most anticipated upgrade with the app now taking in to account public transport to help you get from A to B. Finally it’s worth mentioning the most eagerly-awaited upgrade by most iOS users with the improvement on battery power saving. You may have heard iPhone users complain about the length in which their phone battery lasts; however these criticisms are history thanks to new power-saving methods incorporated in to the iOS 9 Upgrade.


Android M (6.0) 

Android, which was created in late 2008, runs on most of the alternative smartphones to Apple across the UK. Android takes care of all Samsung Smartphones along with Sony, HTC, LG and most recently BlackBerry.

The most popular thing about Android is the fact that it is open to a lot of customisation, which is why the tech-bods out there adore the OS making their own tailored menus and layouts. This means you can add widgets to your home screens and menu applications.

Android also has its own voice assistant called S-Voice, however most people are enabling the voice activated Google app that’s activated by simply saying “Okay Google…”

You can buy 1,000,000+ apps on the Google+ store and it’s worth mentioning that in regards to market share, as of 2014 Android covered 81.5% of smartphones globally.

Messaging your friends

Okay, so nobody really used SMS messaging anymore, so other than the odd text to your Nan, let’s forget about this and look in to the messaging apps on the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy s6 respectively.

Although both offer free downloadable access to popular messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, the iPhone’s generic messaging service is iMessenger whilst the Samsung Galaxy S6 uses android’s Google Hangouts.

As you would imagine, the iMessenger only works between iOS users, whilst Google Hangouts works across more Smartphone and Tablet designs, along with those using Google Chrome on computers.

iMessenger tops Google Hangouts in regards to video calls with its popular Facetime. Facetime is fast, efficient and arguably better than a skype call, certainly being more popular than Skype in regards to Smartphone usage. The new 5MP front-facing camera (upgraded from the 1.5MP front-facing camera on the iPhone 6) will make the Face-Time experience better than ever and we can expect big improvements to this video-call application in the future.

Another huge aspect of messaging believe it or not is how you use the keypad itself. The Android and iOS keypad have begun to look similar in recent years, however they are still rather different. We can’t really tell you which one you’d prefer; we’d recommend trying both and deciding for yourself, hands-on. In the meantime however, take a look at our in-depth iOS 9 keypad review, which can be found here.


Camera, Video and Selfies

Ah, the old iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera argument, we really can’t comment on this one – both the iOS and Android faithful are at stalemate in this argument.

A big upgrade for the iPhone 6s is the incredible two-lens 12MP iSight camera that takes DLSR quality photos. This upgrade not only means it'll take the sharpest pictures ever on an iPhone, upgrading from the iPhone 6 8MP camera, it will also shoot in 4K, another first for the Apple iPhone. The front-facing camera has also been upgraded from a 1.5MP camera (iPhone 6) to a 5MP camera. 

New features on the iPhone 6S Camera include the Live Photos feature. With Live Photos enabled within the camera app, the iPhone 6s camera continuously records video at 15 fps while in standard photo mode. Each time you capture a still photo, the phone saves 1.5 seconds of video before the image was captured and 1.5 seconds after it was captured. Think of those living pictures in Harry Potter, it’s just like that! 

The Samsung Galaxy on the other hand has a 13MP rear-camera with f1.9 lens which enables you to shoot clear images in all light conditions. Another big draw of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone camera is how quickly you can access to camera. You’ll not miss a photo opportunity with incredible 0.7 seconds it takes to open the camera app with just two taps of the home button.


Ask yourself what you want…

Before taking the plunge with either the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6 – ask yourself what you’re really looking for in a Smartphone. Is it ease-of-use, or do you want a phone you can customise yourself? Maybe you’re looking for a decent camera or simply want the latest smartphone for fashion purposes – whatever your reason, consider which operating system will suit you first before you settle on the phone itself.


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