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Pro Notch or Pro Bezel?

By: 06/02/2019

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Pro Notch or Pro Bezel?

A controversial subject to say the least, yet the notch on smartphone displays is becoming an increasingly common feature. But which do you prefer? We’re looking at the pros and the cons of having a notch compared to the no notch, bezel smartphone displays and which mobiles support which design.

Pro Notch: Size matters…
For many, size really does matter when it comes to choosing a new mobile phone. If this is the case for you, then we recommend a notch design as this can often mean the screen size is taller than a phone that goes by the bezel design.

Phone recommendation: Google Pixel 3 XL

Pro Bezel: We all like a little space…
The blank space on a smartphone can give you something to hold onto. Without this, you may find with an all screen that there is nothing to hold, without interfering with your touchscreen.

Phone recommendation: Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Pro Notch: There’s less interference…
By having some additional space either side of the notch, there is room to effectively store any notification and status icons such as battery and signal bars, out of the way of your main screen, leaving more room for viewing content. Some notches can be as small as a teardrop design!

Phone recommendation: OnePlus 6T

Pro Bezel: Increased durability…
We’re aware our smartphones can be fragile and we take precautions to avoid damaging them through the use of cases and screen protectors. Bezels also provide you with some extra protection around the display, helping to delay potential damage that may have otherwise been immediate.

Phone recommendation: Samsung Galaxy S9

Despite this emerging trend of the notch throughout 2018, it is still unclear as to whether this will be a feature that stays, or a feature that will be forgotten moving forward. Tell us what you think. Are you pro notch? Or pro bezel?



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Tags: 'bezel' 'notch'

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