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How to Personalise Your Samsung Galaxy S9

By: 03/12/2018

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How to Personalise Your Samsung Galaxy S9

Our mobile phone is like an extension of ourselves. Most of us utilise this device every day and have much of our lives stored on there so why shouldn’t your phone reflect who you are? With the Samsung Galaxy S9 you can make your smartphone more you by personalising your device to reflect your personality. Here’s a few ways how.

You can change the theme.
This changes the wallpaper to the theme of your choice along with the icons and sounds. Doing this can lift the overall look and feel of the phone to reflect your own tastes and personality, making a nice change from the standard Samsung pre-set which is nothing more than bland!

To get this, just hold an empty area of your screen and select ‘Themes’. View themes and select your chosen design to apply.

You can change the app icons.
Show who you really are by changing the icons shape and design – it’s easy! This is just another way to make your phones interface more aesthetically pleasing for you.

To get this, just hold an empty area of your screen and select ‘Themes’ and then ‘Icons’. View all the icons and you’ll realise just how much choice you really have!

You can also change the app grid sizing.
There are four choices; 4x5 / 4x6 / 5x5 / 5x6 so it really depends how large you want/need your apps to be. The smaller the icons the more you can fit on screen without having to scroll and search but maybe that’s not an issue for you if you can have nice large buttons which are far easier to see!

To get this, just hold an empty area of your screen and select ‘Home Screen Settings’ to make your amendments.

You can edit the app drawer.
The app drawer is also a neat little feature (although it has sparked controversy within the industry on its usefulness). It gives you further choice to reach apps more efficiently with just a swipe on your screen. This provides quick access to your most used apps so you don’t need to scroll through app screens in search of them each time you want to launch them.

To get this, just hold an empty area of your screen and select ‘Home Screen Settings’ and then the ‘Apps’ button to make your changes.


You can adjust icons and font.
A feature change that can make it easier for you to read and see what’s on your screen. Choose a font that you find appeasing to read and adjust the size that it appears on screen.

To get this, go into ‘Settings’ and select ‘Font and Screen Zoom’. Here you will be able to adjust these to meet your preferences.


You can control the Always On Display.
Another quirky feature of the S9 that you can amend, giving you the power to change the clock style, display theme, information shown and the home button.

To get this, go into ‘Settings’ then select ‘Always On Display’. You can turn the display either off or on using the slider, or make adjustments to the Always On Display personalisation settings there.


You can make notifications show as transparent.
Making the notifications that appear on your lock screen transparent is often viewed as more visually pleasing, but also saves on battery life too! This means you will only see the text and not the rectangular boxes that the notification is usually displayed within.

To get this, go into ‘Settings’ then select ‘Lock Screen and Security’. Select the ‘Notifications’ option and then you can adjust the transparency setting from high to low depending on how you want your notifications to display.


You can change the edge lighting effects.
A gimmicky feature change that you can make on your S9 is the edge lighting. You can stick with the basic setting which comes as standard with the S9 or you can make it your own, by choosing from coloured edges, multi-coloured edges or even glittery effects! You can also control the ‘thickness’ of this edging too.

To get this, go into ‘Settings’ and select ‘Edge Lighting’ then select the option called ‘Effect’. Make the amends and then choose ‘Apply’ once happy.


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