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EE Wi-Fi calling goes live on all compatible handsets today - Here's everything you need to know...

By: 08/06/2015

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EE Wi-Fi Calling

As of today EE has enabled Wi-Fi calls and texts for when you’re in that “no bars on my phone situation”. Whether you live in a rural area, find yourself needing to make a call from somewhere with no EE signal or simply don’t want to use your minutes, you can now use a Wi-Fi connection to contact others. You may use this function already via Facebook messenger or Apple’s FaceTime Audio, however EE are bringing the service in as an constant alternative to normal cellular telephone calling.

The new feature from EE is set to change the course of mobile phone history and change the way we communicate forever, so it’s important to understand the benefits of the function.

The EE Wi-Fi calling capability has raised many questions among EE customers, so below are some FAQ’s regarding new Wi-Fi calling from EE. We hope these FAQs resolve any queries you have in regards to this exciting new feature.



What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling allows you to use a Wi-Fi signal to call another individual. The function was created to battle the problem of ‘out of signal areas’ so having no bars on your phone is no longer a problem. This will benefit those living in more rural areas of the UK where network signal is virtually non-existent.

It’s long been joked that phones have evolved to include cameras, internet access and various apps but nothing has ever been done to improve the not so great quality of a satellite phone call. Calls made across the Wi-Fi are a lot clearer in quality; hence it can be argued that calls across the internet are the only way forward.


Calling without signal is great but what about texting?

The new Wi-Fi calling function also allows you to text. This is something less new to smartphone users as apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iPhone Messenger who use Wi-Fi and internet data to send messages.


Calling over the internet, won’t that cost more?

Calling and messaging via Wi-Fi is completely free, unless you choose to make use of the feature while out of Wi-Fi range, in which case it will use your tariff’s internet data.

A word of warning if you have limitations such as a block on your data allowance, or you’re on the move and hit an area you can’t receive 4G or 3G. If you run in to either of these situations mid-call, it won’t jump over to your mobile network; you’ll just be cut off.  


All sounds great! So how can I set up EE Wi-Fi Calling?

Once you receive your Wi-Fi calling enabled handset from EE or get notified that your current smartphone can now use the feature, you simply need to text "wifi calling" to 150 to set it up.

If you require more information on how to set up your phone, you can follow the step by step on the official EE website here.


Can I make emergency calls?

EE has had its Wi-Fi calling certified by the emergency services, it’s worth mentioning also that they are the only ones to do so. Alternative Wi-Fi calling apps such as Skype are not certified for 999 calls and are barred from making them.  Therefore with EE Wi-Fi, you can make calls to 999 no matter whether you're using a wireless network or an area with cellular phone signal.


I’m not on EE - can I still use this feature?

I’m afraid not. Currently EE are the only mobile phone network in the UK who is providing a Wi-Fi calling feature.

However, it’s not all bad. Vodafone are also looking to launch a Wi-Fi calling feature, expected around summer according to TechRadar. 

02 are also expected to follow suit.



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