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App of the Week - Ultimate Guitar (

By: 04/11/2014

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Ade Payne


From Nashville to London to New York City, Yorkshire born Ade Payne has travelled the world with The Monkees, Jethro Tull, and Whitesnake, plus many more legendary acts whilst building a reputation as a credible songwriter in his own right. Taking inspiration from both the old and the new, his mix of country, rock, and blues still sees him grace the airwaves on popular radio shows across the world, whilst on stage he's still drawing a loyal and lively crowd.


"As a guitarist / singer I use Ultimate Guitar as an app. With ultimate guitar you can get virtually any single song you want...on your phone..and change the key, find whatever key you want to put it in. I do that and I put a capo on my Guitar to match it. You can store as many songs as you like...and not only can create lists. So for instance, for the gigs I play, I've got an acoustic sets, Irish, rock (my favourite being country and rock). There'a also the ability to change the key on the music."

"Then you have a music scroll, it contains lyrics, notes etc, so if you wanted to put this on your music stand you can simply hit the play button and just like a broadcast news reader play along and I can speed it up, or I can slow it down to suit. Then you can set the timing for each song. Obviously you can pinch and make everything a lot larger so that you can see it better. It's brilliant, it's an absolutely fantastic app I use on the iPhone."

Ade Payne

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