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App Of the Week – IMDb Movies & TV App is this week’s must-have app

By: 27/10/2014

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IMDb App

Well, the bad news is that Monday has crept up on again but on the flip-side of that, it’s time to announce this week’s Mobile Phones Direct must-have App of the week and remember every App we review is FREE to purchase on either iOS, Windows, BlackBerry or Android.


What’s the App and who does it appeal to?

The app I’ll be reviewing this week is the IMDb Movies and TV app. Now straight away you may feel that this app from the Internet Movie Database would only appeal to the movie buffs among you; however you’ll find that IMDb is popular with budding actors, directors, film-editors, camera operators, techies and even producers and casting agents in Hollywood who use the app to get contact agent info for all the A-list star - NO, that doesn’t mean you can use this app to get Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson’s mobile number!


What’s so good about the App?

This marvellous IMDb app is ideal for the hard-core movie goer with exclusive trailers, facts and rumours on up-coming films (I’ve stopped writing this blog twice this afternoon to watch the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer!) and there are also the afore mentioned fun opinion polls, forums and the ability to rate a film (some of which require you to open a free account with IMDb)




If like me you’re a big fan of cinema, it’s pretty much the A-Z of everything you need to know about your favourite films and TV shows. Ever had the enjoyment of a film ruined by distractingly pondering “Where on middle-earth have I seen that little Hobbit before?!” before realising two hours later that it’s Cold Feet’s James Nesbit wearing a skunk for a beard… Anyway, whatever your film-query, you can access pretty much any information you desire in seconds, with the flick of a finger.    


How does it work?

The App is very simple to use - Simply search your desired movie, TV show, actor or director with key words:




Click once the app has found what you were looking for and you’ll see numerous options and links to the actors, ratings, opinion polls, forums and user reviews…




But I’m not a “hard-core movie geek”

So what does the average Smartphone user get from this app? Well Even as a casual movie viewer, this app can help you decide on what to go see, displaying a full synopsis on pretty much anything ever shot on camera, ratings and viewer opinions. The app also uses your Smartphone location to find your nearest cinema and lets you scroll through available viewing times.




This is an awesome feature; however it would be great if clicking on these times gave you the ability to book tickets online; however this could be something the app could implement in the future.


Final word and overview…

As a film-buff myself, I love this App and if you find yourself regularly making a visit to, you will too. Saying that, the casual cinema visitor will also find a surprising amount of use in this app when you’re trying to think of that film when “you know” fall in love with “thingy” and they all fight the aliens in “what’s it called?”.

The app is currently on version 4.5.1 and is available on Google Play, Apps for Windows and iOS. 



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