Despite family gaming going through so many changes over the years, it’s a testament to the strength of traditional board games that they’ve not just survived but thrived – given a new lease of life in app form.



A cult classic and an app that is well worth investing in. After all, no games night is complete without a game of Monopoly! Just like the timeless board game, simply choose your piece, roll the dice and away you go. Mixing strategy with chance, younger children can play solo or even pair up with older siblings. With the app available on virtually every system, you can play it anywhere!


The Game of Life

Another popular game that can’t be missed, is The Game of Life. Work your way through school, a career and even marriage with each roll and square of the board determining how your ‘life’ pans out. A fun game for all the family, it mixes colourful graphics, amusing scenarios and fun minigames that anyone can get on board with.


Charades! Kids

What’s better than playing charades? Playing Charades! Kids of course! Another timeless game redesigned for younger players gets the children laughing as they act out popular titles and try to guess the answers. Charades can be as complicated or as simple as you like, and this kid-friendly version helps makes it even easier to pick up and play.



Professor Plum with the candlestick in the library? Cluedo has been popular for decades and it’s no surprise really since it’s so entertaining to play. Use your sleuthing skills to crack the case and find the villain as you move from room to room in a large, mysterious house. Featuring quality graphics and easy-to-use controls, this is a game the entire family can get on board with.


Heads Up

A simple yet effective game created by the one and only Ellen DeGeneres! Take turns in holding the phone up to your forehead with a word on it, while the remaining players try to describe or act out the word without saying it!. The first person who’s clue works gets the points. Quite literally, go head to head as you try to get the most points and win. This game is simple enough for even the youngest of players to enjoy and is surprisingly addictive.



An extremely immersive card-game based on the increasingly popular deduction game, Coup is designed for two or four players and encourages bluff and opportunism to gain the upper hand. Available on both Android and iOS, this app elevates strategy to an entirely new level and will keep you playing well into the small hours.


The Chase

Who doesn’t love a good quiz at Christmas? Team up with your family members to try and beat all five quizmasters from the hit ITV show. Featuring real voice commentary by host Bradley Walsh, multiplayer options, ‘create your character via a selfie’ feature along with leaderboards and achievements, get the whole family together to outrun and outwit the fearsome ‘chasers’.


Catch Phrase

For another timeless classic, Catchphrase is an absolute must. Join Mr Chips, watch the fun animations and use the picture hints to try and guess the catchphrase. With more than 500 catchphrases to decipher, spend your time pressing and guessing to rack up points. Although there’s no official multiplayer option, you can still team up with family members or go head to head against each other, plus – if you can, why not Chromecast it (or similar) onto your television for added enjoyment?


Pandemic: The Board Game

An unusual but exhilarating game, Pandemic: The Board Game requires you to team up as a family to race against time and cure deadly global diseases. Supporting four players, you can also pass and play if you’re short on devices. Battle the infection, control the epidemics and find the cures…can you save the world from a Pandemic?


UNO & Friends

Based on the classic card game UNO, match your cards and race against other players to get rid of all of their cards. Simple to learn but tricky to master, you can easily lose hours in this absorbing and competitive game. Challenge the family and see who can be the first to shout ‘UNO!’



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