Whether you’re keeping it local or travelling to your chosen festival destination, you’re bound to be taking along your most trusted companion, no we’re not talking about your best friend, we’re talking about your smartphone.

We’re here to give you advice on how to keep your phone safe at festivals. We want you to fully immerse yourself in your festival experience without the worry of your smartphone being stolen or damaged. Have a read of our tips and tricks we think you should take note of in order to have a (nearly) stress free festival experience this summer.


Get a Waterproof Phone

Or failing that, at least ensure you have a waterproof phone case so you’re protected from the elements. Festival season is notorious for the temperamental weather conditions! The Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Huawei P20 Pro are both highly sought after waterproof phones you might want to consider.



Take a Portable Charger

No one wants to run out of battery whilst snapping their festival experience to their friends and family. Taking a portable charger will give you an extra full charge which could be just what you need when creating your music festival envy!

Carry it Somewhere Safe

A phone in your back pocket is an easy target for pick pockets and thieves. Ensure you carry your phone in an inside or concealed pocket, or even a bum-bag – its better than risking your phone being stolen!



Set Up Your Phone Properly

Make sure you’ve set up your phone with a password, passcode, fingerprint, iris scanner, whatever it may be. It’s definitely the easiest and most effective precaution you can take to ensuring mobile security. You store a lot of personal information and sensitive data on your phone which you probably won’t want people to be able to access from not having a lock screen. We’ve some tips on both iOS security and Android security.



Keep it Safe, Even When You're Sleeping

You may be a little tired and ready to crash in that cosy sleeping bag in the comfort of your tent but just because you’re ‘home’ does not mean your valuables are safe. Place valuables such as your phone at the bottom of the inside of your sleeping bag – it will be a lot harder for them to be stolen if they are tucked up with you!



Change Your Background Image

It may not be that fave holiday pic, or your latest photo with your bestie but it doesn’t need to be there long! Change your background image to contact details just in case you misplace it. Put the name and number of your emergency contact so that if your phone is found, hopefully your it can be returned to you safely.



Record Your IMEI Number

As silly as it sounds, it can pay to record your phone IMEI number before heading to a festival. There are hundreds if not thousands of people with your phone model and very little to distinguish them from one another – your IMEI number is your phones unique identity number, it’s worth noting it before you go!



Track Your Phone

Link your phone to FindMyiPhone for iOS or download the Plan B app for Android so you can log into your account to track your phone should you happen to misplace it. Better safe than sorry!



Insure it

Yes, it may be an obvious move but you’d be surprised how many people do not have insurance on their handset. There are many reputable companies you can get your phone insured through or it may be worth exploring having it covered under your home insurance.



Get a Cheap, Sim-Free Phone

Yes we said it, get a cheap SIM free phone. They are often hardy and cost very little to run – well worth the small investment for your festival escapades rather than risking the high cost of misplacing or damaging your pricey phone! Plus, if buying the phone from us, ours are unlocked so you can use your existing SIM with it too. Take a look at our recent blog ‘Four SIM Free Handsets Under £120’ for ideas.




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