With the release of Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 range, they’re taking smartphone tech to a whole new level. The screen, the camera, even the processor – they’re absolutely packed with top-of-the-range features. There are 3 models to choose from: the Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. We’ll dive into what makes each one special and how all those features work.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ handsets come with some awesome upgrades to test your creativity. When you’re out and about taking pics for social media, you’ll want a battery that lasts. Luckily, you’ll get 2 whole days of power from a single charge. So, it won’t go dying on you when you’ve lined up the perfect shot. And once you’re done wowing friends and family with your photography skills, you can sit back and enjoy a boxset or a movie on the AMOLED screen. It’s bright, colourful, and packs enough pixels to really bring those action scenes to life.

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Let’s take a closer look

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    Snap amazing shots, even at night

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 range has a clever night mode that’ll make sure the details don’t get lost in the dark. Thanks to no shortage of AI wizardry, you’ll get clear, blur-free photos and videos to splash all over your newsfeed. The 50MP wide rear camera alone is super-detailed, and Adaptive Pixel tech enhances the colour of your snaps to look just like real life. Even the lenses have a special glass that stops glare ruining your memories.

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    An incredible view anywhere

    Got some time to kill? Sit back with the latest boxset on the Samsung Galaxy S22’s Dynamic AMOLED 2x Full HD screen. It’s big, bold, and bright – enough to give blockbusters the Hollywood treatment they deserve. Plus, the 120Hz refresh rate is incredibly fast and smooth – perfect for gaming. And it’s made from Gorilla® Glass with a tough aluminium frame, so no more cracked screens for you.

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    Super-quick speed won’t let you down

    If you’re always on the move, you’ll need a mobile that can keep up. The Samsung Galaxy S22 range boasts the world’s first 4nm Exynos processor, the fastest one ever in a smartphone. Gaming, streaming, browsing – it’ll do everything at the same time. Plus, it’ll keep going and going and going thanks to the 2-day battery. But when it does (finally) run out, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ has an extra trick up its sleeve – Fast Charging 2.0, which uses more power to charge up the battery in a flash. You’ll get a full day of juice after just 20 minutes*.

    *Samsung Galaxy S22+ 45w Super Fast Charging cable sold separately.

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    Share everything with everyone

    These phones take videos calls to another level, thanks to Google Duo Live. You can share your screen with everybody, no matter where you are, so you’ll never miss another family movie night (though you’ll all have to get your own popcorn). And it’s not just for playtime – collaborate on projects in your group work calls with the fastest sharing speeds around. It’ll even block out any background noise so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Thought it couldn’t get any better? Then check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It builds on the Galaxy S22 range’s high-tech features and pushes things even further. We’re talking a bigger screen, a better quad rear camera with Dual Optimal Zoom, and an S-Pen that’s perfect for all your doodling and jotting needs.

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But what are its features?

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    Everything you need in one handy package

    You’ll get so much more done with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s top-end tech. If your phone’s glued to your hand, you’ll love the embedded S-Pen. Just whip it out and take notes on the go whenever you need to. Plus, with up to 12GB of RAM, it’ll never struggle to keep up on busy days, letting you swap between apps in a flash. You can even swipe and scroll without touching the screen thanks to Air Gestures, perfect for catching up on social while snacking on a messy lunch.

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    Go from amateur to auteur

    Flex your directorial flair when the sun sets with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s night mode. The processor, large pixel sensor and super-smart AI tech work together to make your footage as bright and clear as possible. It’ll always be ready for closeups. Plus, everything you film will look smooth, with no stuttering or shaking spoiling the scene. Not even glare will get in the way with a special glass lens that stops light messing up your shot.

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    Lightning-fast power can handle anything

    PC performance in the palm of your hand. No, it’s not a laptop – it’s the 4nm Exynos processor, the first of its kind in a smartphone. Open as many tabs and apps as you like, it won’t slow you down when you’ve got loads on. Pair that up with a 48-hour battery and it’ll always be ready when you need it. It’s even got the same fast charging tech as the Samsung Galaxy S22+, so there’s no hanging around.

    *Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 45w Super Fast Charging cable sold separately.

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    Photos you’ll have to see to believe

    The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s quad rear camera has the same features as the other models, with an additional 10MP telephoto lens for truly breath-taking closeups. It’ll also give you bright, vibrant images no matter what thanks to Adaptive Pixel tech, which boosts the colour of every shot. And Detail Enhancing Mode can make images up to 4 times clearer too. Your social media will look like a professional gallery.

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    Your own portable cinema screen

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra won’t leave you in the dark – not with a screen this bright and clear. It’s a huge 6.8-inch AMOLED 2x Quad HD display that stretches from edge to edge. That means there are no black bars getting in the way of the action. You can sit back on the sofa, the bus, or anywhere really, and enjoy movies in amazing detail. And it’s made from Gorilla® Glass with the toughest Armour aluminium frame, making it practically indestructible.

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    A smarter smartphone

    Samsung’s One UI 4.1 software – based on Android 12 – makes swiping through everything super-simple. It’s so easy to pick up and get going, you’ll be tapping away in no time. And the SmartThings Find app has anti-tracking tech that lets you know if an unknown device is following you. It’ll also let you block your phone and even wipe the data if you lose it for a little extra peace of mind. Samsung Pay gets an upgrade too. As well as debit cards, it can store loyalty cards, tickets and more, saving you from stuffing them all in your pocket.


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