Phones these days are clever little gadgets, coming with all sorts of hidden tricks and shortcuts to make your life easier. The Sony Xperia 1 III 5G is no different. But instead of leaving you to flick through a manual or lose hours on Google, we’ve picked out 4 of the best tips to make using it a breeze.


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    2 screens in 1

    If you get a message while you’re streaming the big match, you won’t have to jump out of the action or wait until half-time to reply. With split-screen you can have 2 apps on-the-go at once, and it’s really easy to get set up. Simply tap and hold the first app you want and choose the split-screen option, then do the same again for the next app. And thanks to the cinema widescreen design, you won’t have to squint to see what’s going on. Now you can keep your eyes on the game and stay in the loop.

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    No more messing around to get fantastic snaps

    You know the drill – a cute cat appears on your walk, but the little fella’s run off before you have time to snap a great pic for Insta. Well, now there are a couple of quicker ways to get your photos. Either press and hold the dedicated camera key, or use smart launch, which gets your camera ready for action just by pointing your phone at an object. All you need to do is open up the camera, jump into its settings and pick the smart launch option. Next time you’re on your travels, simply aim your phone – even if it’s in sleep mode or locked – and snap away.

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    Up your game with Game Enhancer

    Pesky notifications distracting you when you’re playing Angry Birds would ruffle anyone’s feathers. But there is a little trick to get round it. The game enhancer lets you tweak all sorts of settings, like turning off notifications, so nothing will get in the way of your gaming. Just open the game enhancer at the same time as the app you want to play. Remember to thank us next time you hit a high score.

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    Handling calls just got easier

    Our last trick will make answering calls (and rejecting them) that little bit simpler. Instead of swiping or tapping the screen, here’s a few easy actions you can use that won’t take a second.
    Answering a call – bring the phone up to your ear.
    Rejecting a call – give the phone a quick shake.
    Turning off the ringer – put the phone face down.

    Setting this up is a little on the techy side, so here’s a few easy steps to make things easier:

    Phone icon > Menu icon > Settings

    Then pick one of the following paths:

    If you use a single SIM:
    Calls > Smart call handling

    If you use dual SIM cards:
    Calls > Choose a SIM card > Smart call handling

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